Does Billie Eilish really smoke weed? All her private life secrets uncovered

Does Billie Eilish really smoke weed? All her private life secrets uncovered

You’ve probably heard her name by now. This singing superstar rose to tremendous fame before she turned 18. What do we know about Billie Eilish doing drugs, specifically weed?
Billie has worked with her brother Finneas since age 13 and has faced several controversies during her career. She’s also spoken out about various social issues along with her own struggles. Some people wonder if she supports and smokes marijuana. Does she grow female cannabis seeds or consume the herb during performances? 
Keep reading as we uncover everything there is to know about the “Happier Than Ever” starlet.

Pop music with a darker twist

The pop music scene reached new horizons when Billie Eilish introduced her songs to the world. Many have described her genre as dark, emo, experimental, and alternative. 

She’s faced her fair share of controversy with the subject matter of some of her ballads. Topics include love, drugs, suicide, hell, and even murder. 

These themes don’t seem like the typical content a teenage girl would write about, but Billie hasn’t shied away from breaking stereotypes. Her lyrics have led many fans, especially parents, to ask, “Does Billie Eilish do drugs?” 

The story behind “Xanny”

One of Billie Eilish’s songs is “Xanny,” a street name for the addictive substance Xanax. A line states, “On designated drives home, only one who’s not stoned,” which might indicate she doesn’t partake. It could also suggest she’s been a sober driver for friends.

Billie informed sources the tune is actually about attending a party where her friends got trashed. She didn’t understand the appeal and was upset “watching their [her mates] personalities crumple up and fall.” “Xanny” is essentially speaking out against drugs.

Open and honest, but still private

Billie Eilish is very private compared to other celebrities but has described herself as an open book. She shares topics she’s passionate about, like body image and mental health, and is an avid activist against animal cruelty.

Billie has spoken about her struggles with weight and how she wears baggy clothes to hide her figure. In recent years the singer has appeared more comfortable with her body. Growing up, she battled with porn addiction, self-harm, being bullied, and depression.

The starlet values her privacy and has voiced concerns about people respecting it. Her song “NDA” is about trying to enjoy a private love life but not being able to due to fame. She gets a romantic interest to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so he doesn’t talk about her. Does Billie Eilish smoke weed? According to her, no. She’s emphasized in interviews that she’s never done drugs. In a 2020 Vogue interview, she stated she “loves the smell of marijuana” but didn’t indicate she’s used it.

It’s unclear whether the singer supports cannabis or even CBD oil. Who knows if that may change in the future?

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The world’s a little blurry

The release of the 2021 documentary Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry offered fans new insight into the superstar’s life. She reveals touring has caused problems for her physical and mental health, especially after getting shin splints and injuring her neck.

The singer opened up further about her diagnosis of Tourette’s Syndrome (TS) and how it added to the stress of her career. Does Billie Eilish use drugs to help treat her tics (symptoms of the disorder)? 

We know Seth Rogen uses cannabis to help his TS, but Billie has said she’s learned to live with it. Moving around, performing onstage, and using essential oils help her keep the tics mostly under control. They happen much less frequently when she’s focused and busy.

The World’s a Little Blurry delves into Billie Eilish’s family life and how her parents have been solid support structures for her. It explores her close relationship with her brother Finneas O’Connell and shows fans how deeply involved he is in her songwriting.

The documentary also dives into Billie’s secret relationship with Brandon “Q” Adams when she was 16. It caused her a lot of stress and heartbreak, ultimately leading to her ending it after a year.

Finally, we see a vulnerable side as she shares some more dark and personal lyrics with viewers. Some people wonder if Billie Eilish is on drugs when she writes these songs. 

In several interviews, she’s spoken about how fans have told her she inspires and heals them with her relatable lyrics. Have any of her songs touched you?

Billie’s bright future

In 2020, amidst the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic, Billie Eilish released her song “My Future.” It explored a more hopeful and introspective side to the singer, suggesting positive personal development. Her second album, Happier Than Ever, showed a more grown-up version of the star.

Recent releases, “TV” and “The 30th,” indicate she may bring more music to her fans next year. We’re optimistic about her future and hope to hear more lyrics about Billie Eilish and drugs or her weed experience.


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