The Biggest Online Casino Wins and How to Be a Winner

Interesting Facts About the Biggest Online Casino Winnings

Online casinos like syndicate casino have given a lot of money to their players. Some won big jackpots, but then you rarely hear these things in the news because of security reasons. Many players who win big do not want to expose themselves to unnecessary risk.

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In this article, let us talk about some of the uncanny wins that happen in online casinos, especially in slot machine games.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is at the top of all the biggest wins in online casino history. This slot machine has paid a whopping amount of £19 million in the past to a player in Belgium in 2021.

There are many versions of the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot machine. The one that paid out the most was the Belgian Bonanza version.

Mega Fortune

Also a progressive slot, this one paid over £16 million to one player in 2013. This gambler played at PAF casino, a casino that has both land-based and online operations. This casino is located in Scandinavia. 

The winner is so lucky because he only spent £0.20. Too many casino players wager the biggest amount per round and do not even get close to the luck that this guy had.

Mega Millions

This slot machine paid $24 million to a player back in 2013. The gamer was a 40-year-old guy in Finland. The authorities never released the winner’s name. There was no official coverage of this story by the press at that time because the man did not want to be identified.

Most of the biggest online casino winnings are from the Mega Moolah game. Why? Because it is one of the best slot machines that offer the biggest progressive jackpot. Since several people already won jackpots, word spread like wildfire, and everybody wanted to win, too.

The deal with Mega Moolah as a progressive jackpot is that the more players there are, the more money goes to the pot. Because of this, the jackpot prize gets bigger faster than other progressive slot machines out there.

How to Win the Slot Jackpot

Can you win a jackpot from a slot machine? Certainly! There are strategies you can implement to do this. However, it is not a guarantee, but it does improve your likelihood of winning. 

First of all, you must bet on all the lines and wager the biggest bet. It is typical for slot machines, by design, to use this as a requirement. It means that if you do not bet the highest bet level, you won’t even qualify to trigger the jackpot round.

Now, the trick here is to find a progressive jackpot that offers four types. Usually, these are called mini, minor, major, and grand jackpots. Slots that have four jackpots typically do not require the highest bet to trigger a jackpot round.

In essence, the prize you could win is in proportion to your bet size. As always, you still have to bet on all lines.  If possible, find a slot machine that randomly awards the jackpot round, not slots that require that you trigger a bonus round to win a jackpot prize.

Gambling has no guarantee. Most of the time, players lose, and that is why it is best to approach gambling as a form of entertainment. On the other hand, a windfall is life-changing, and it is what many casino players aspire to. So, if you want to win big, make sure you take control of your money and only play for a chance to win, not because you believe you are the next winner.


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