Belén Gallardo's journey from Miss World Paraguay to journalist; biography

Belén Gallardo’s journey from Miss World Paraguay to journalist; biography

María Belén Gallardo is a Paraguayan fashion model and beauty pageant winner who first won Miss World Paraguay 2016 as Miss Paraguari.Belén Gallardo was the host of Radio Caritas, a radio program in her home country. She also works as a presenter at fashion shows. In addition, she made a few appearances on television. She is  the only child of her parents, born on  12 October 1995, according to Belén Gallardo biography. We’re sure you’re eager to learn more about her, right? So, today, we’ll bring you all of the information on Belén Gallardo biography, wiki, birthday, age, including career, boyfriend and so on:

Belén Gallardo biography: Age, birthday, parents, Nationality, Education, Wikipedia

Belén Gallardo biography
Belén Gallardo with her parents, Virgilio Ramírez and Zonia  
Gallardo, Asunción, Paraguay, 2006.

She was born 12 October 1995, in Asunción, Paraguay. She is currently a 26-year-old lovely lady according to Belén Gallardo biography. Her parents, attorney Virgilio Ramirez and Zonia Gallardo, had only one child. She spent the majority of her childhood in the countryside with her grandparents in the Paraguari region, where her mother was born. Belén Gallardo grew up to be a calm, reserved young lady. She was an only child who always played alone and had a large number of pets. Belén was disciplined by her mother when she was a child to focus on dance, theater, and music, and she was trained in this manner from an early age.

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Gallardo is of Paraguayan nationality. She completed her primary and secondary education at Colegio Inmaculado Corazón de María, a Catholic girls’ school where she began her artistic career. She enrolled in her school’s theater workshop and performed in several productions, according to Belén Gallardo biography . There is no Wikipedia page for Belén Gallardo. On the other hand, there is a wealth of information on her on the internet.

Belén Gallardo- Ballet 

Belén Gallardo began taking ballet classes at the age of seven,  where she learned to be disciplined. In fact, she was a dancer for 12 years. 

She stated; “In  ballet, I found discipline, and a lot of patience. I learned to work with my body and not to get angry when I did not get a ballet step.  Anyway, I love pirouettes” (laughs).  

Her journalist career

Belén Gallardo enrolled at the Catholic University of Asunción’s Faculty of Philosophy and Human Sciences in 2014. In 2018, she graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and communication. Belén Gallardo decided to move to Italy and study Italian after finishing her university studies in order to visit the fashion houses in Milan. She later moved to Tanzania on a vacation, but quickly realized she liked the country and couldn’t leave.

Belén Gallardo’s career as a journalist began when she hosted Radio Caritas, a radio program in her home country where she spoke about music, art, and movies and served as an inspiration to many young people. In addition, she works as a fashion show presenter. In addition, she made a few appearances on television.

She later moved to Tanzania on a vacation and planned to stay there. For that purpose, she established her own marketing company. In Tanzania, she established “Twiga Social Agency” but she can operate from any part of the world…. woohhaaa..

When did she start her modelling career?

Without any experience in beauty pageants or modeling. Gallardo got into the casting for Miss Teen Paraguay 2015 where she was represented as Miss Teen La Colmena. In this way, she entered the  world of modeling in her country where later she met a friend, fashion  designer Julian Shigeyuki, where he helped her compete for Miss  World Paraguay 2016.  On May 18, 2016, Belén Gallardo was crowned Miss World Paraguari  2016. During official photos as Miss World Paraguari, Belén Gallardo  wore a 1000 dollar crown of filigree stones. 

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On the night of the Miss World Paraguay 2016 election, Belén Gallardo was designated by the model and “Miss Supranational 2015”  Stephania Stegman as a finalist in the “Miss Supranational Paraguay  2016” on August 6, 2016. The contest was held together with Miss  Universe Paraguay 2016. However, Belén Gallardo did not appear to  receive the Miss Supranational Paraguay 2016 crown due to internal  conflicts with the organization. During her modeling career, Belén posed with lingerie and some  artistic productions for famous photographers in Argentina.  

Belén Gallardo- World Top Model Paraguay 2016  

Belén Gallardo miss world Paraguay
Belén Gallardo Miss World Paraguari 2016 for Miss World  
Paraguay 2016. 

In October 2016, Belén Gallardo participated in the casting of the  reality show World Top Model Paraguay 2016 broadcast by Unicanal,  where she competed against 15 other participants. In this way, on  December 12, 2016, Belén Gallardo won the title of the “World Top  Model Paraguay 2016”. On December 17, the final competition was  held in Milan, Italy, where Belén Gallardo was among the ten finalists. 

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What was the reaction of Belén Gallardo’s parents when she told them she wanted to be a model?

She was raised as an only child, following the Catholic religion. This, however, was not an excuse for not enabling her to do what she wanted. Her parents have always been there for her. They’ve been around her since the beginning and continue to see her develop from afar. Her parents call each other when they have free time. She is very close to her parents and loves to spend time with them. 

What were the lessons from her parents?  

Belen’s parents always tell her not to listen to other people’s negative comments. Follow your heart, and if you’re pleased doing so, keep going and becoming the best version of yourself. And, of course, never forget your origins. She also agrees with them that negative comments should be ignored. 

Why Belén Gallardo chose modeling career and What challenges she has faced in the modeling industry so far?

She had no idea the impact she would have as a model when she first chose it. When you’re young, you see models like Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Giselle and you want you could be just like them. When she understood she was doing this as a job, she realized that being exposed was a part of it. As a result, it’s critical to first get to know yourself before deciding what to show the rest of the group. Of course, there are many things in our industry that need to alter. This is also visible to others. According to her, I believe it may be overcome with patience and a positive mindset.

Rejection is part of the job. However, she has also faced that in her struggling career. According to Belen Gallardo, if i face it with a positive attitude, it is easier to deal with the situation because it makes me a stronger  woman and in that way I see that I need to improve.  She began her career as a model when she was very young and is now focusing on another stage of her life as a journalist and businesswoman, and the two roles are perfectly complementary. She wants people to remember me as a woman with morals and an intellect, not just as a model.

Belén Gallardo- Favorite Quotes  

Definitely follow your heart. Another one that I love so much is if the  mountain does not come to you, you go to the mountain. Lastly,  since I speak Guarani, that is the second language from my country  Paraguay. There is a phrase that women say. “Kuña mbarete,  kuña guapa” means “strong women” “beautiful women”. 

Who is Belén Gallardo’s boyfriend? Is the gorgeous model dating someone?

She is a multi-talented, accomplished, and attractive lady who would appeal to anyone. She is still single and without a boyfriend, but she loves spending time with his loving friends and family. In 2017, the famous portal Exitoina of the Clarín group mentioned  Belén Gallardo with the Milan soccer player, Manuel Locatelli where  he asked for her phone number at a party. However, Belén Gallardo  never made her private life public.  

She is currently more concerned with her profession than with her personal life. In addition, there is no information about her affairs on social media. 

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Body measurements and social media appearance

Belén Gallardo height
Belén Gallardo Miss World Paraguari 2016 on her swimsuit  competition for Miss World Paraguay 2016.

Belén Gallardo’s body type is slim. Her height is around 5’8 inches (1.72 meters) and her weight is 53 kg(116 lbs.) approx. The gorgeous model eye color is brown as well as her hair. Her measurement is around 33-24-36. Her ethnicity is Latina and  Asian. 

Belén Gallardo is active on Instagram where she posts about natural  landscapes, selfies and aesthetic pictures. On her Twitter she loves  posting quotes from a favorite song or book. Especially positive phrases.  Her IG is @belngallardoOfficial. Her Twitter page is @MBelenGallardo.

Quick Facts about Belén Gallardo

Full NameMaría Belén Ramirez Gallardo
Birthday 12 October 1995
Age 26 years
Place of Birth Asunción, Paraguay
ProfessionModel, presenter, Journalist
Net worth$2 million (Approximately)
Ethnicity Latina and  Asian. 
Zodiac SignLibra
ParentsVirgilio Ramirez and Zonia Gallardo
School/CollegeCatholic University of Asuncion
Height1.72 m
Weight116 lbs.

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