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Basketball player Evina Westbrook parents, brother

Evina Westbrook is a guard for the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team. She has worn the number 22 jersey since high school. The number 22 was chose since it is the day of her grandfather’s birth; she is very close to him. Evina has demonstrated her abilities since she was in elementary school. She has earned a name for herself and her school by participating in numerous games for them. Every coach who has worked with her has thought she is an excellent athlete who has known from a young age that she will be a top player. Learn more about Evina Westbrook’s parents, siblings, and other family members by scrolling down.

Parents and Brothers of Evina Westbrook

Eva and James Westbrook are Evina parents, and she has four brothers named Tyler, Bryce, L.J., and Tko. Basketball is something that the entire Westbrook family is passionate about.

Evina father played basketball professionally in Chile and at Oregon State University. L.J. Westbrook, Evina brother, is a basketball player for Prairie View A&M University. Avry Holmes, her cousin, also played for Clemson University.

As a result, her father has had a significant influence on her and her brother by encouraging them to play basketball. Evina family is proud of her accomplishments and hopes she will continue to rise in the future.

Is Russell Westbrook’s sister Evina Westbrook?

Because of their similar last names, many people believe Evina and Russell Westbrook are connect; however, this is not the case; they are unrelated. They only have one thing in common: they are both outstanding basketball players.

Russell is from Long Beach, California, and Evina is from Oregon. There are no direct connections between Evina and Russell. Both are exceptional players who have demonstrated their abilities on multiple occasions. Russell is a household name in basketball, while Evina is a budding star.

How old is Evina Westbrook? Nationality, ethnicity, education

Evina Westbrook is a 23-year-old actress. She was born in 1998 in Albany, Oregon. She is now a guard for the Connecticut Huskies women’s basketball team. Her brilliance has earned her countless awards.

In the 2016 FIBA Americas U18 Championship, Evina Westbrook won gold. She’s also a member of the USA Women’s U-18 National Team, who won the 2016 World Championship in Chile.

She performed for her high school, South Salem High School, in Salem, Oregon, and her performance put her school on the map. She stands 6 feet tall and says her father, James Westbrook, is her favorite athlete. Moreover, Evina amazingly stands at 6 feet tall in height; however, the data statistics on her weight and other body measurements are not accessible currently.

What Does Evina Get Paid? Her Estimated Net Worth. Is Westbrook a follower of Instagram?

Evina Westbrook has yet to publish her actual earnings. As a result, we are unable to confirm Evina Westbrook’s actual net worth.

We are confident, however, that as a professional athlete who has been playing for a long period, she is well compensate. She is a professional basketball player that competes in the Women’s Basketball Association (WNBA).

Evina Westbrook is on Instagram, and she has over 26.5k followers. She has a verified Instagram account and frequently publishes photos of herself on the basketball court.


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