Aya Asahina husband: When were they married? relationship

Aya Asahina husband: When were they married? relationship

Aya Asahina is an actress, known for Alice in Borderland (2020), Girl Gun Lady (2021) and Sekai no owari kara (2023). She has been married to Kenjirô Yamashita since 26 July 2021. “Alice in Borderland” on Netflix is Aya’s most well-known work. Conversely, Kenjiro’s final production was the 2020 television series and motion picture “Hachioji Zombies”. Apart from her professional life, she is married. So today, in this article we talk  all about her wife, and  romantic relationship.

Who is Aya Asahina’s husband Kenjiro Yamashita? When were they married?

Aya Asahina is a happily married woman. Aya Asahina, the model-actress, and Kenjiro Yamashita, a member of the Sandaime J-SOUL BROTHERS, tied the knot on July 26, 2021. The couple shared a joint statement revealing their marriage, expressing that they share common interests and their time together is filled with joy and attraction.

Aya Asahina's husband Kenjiro Yamashita
Aya Asahina’s husband Kenjiro Yamashita sources style

Aya Asah ina’s husband  Kenjiro Yamashita is a Japanese dancer, actor and radio personality. He is a performer of J-Pop dance and vocal group Sandaime J Soul Brothers and a former member of Gekidan Exile. As a member of Sandaime J Soul Brothers, he has received the Japan Record Awards twice.

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They also expressed their intention to build a happy family together. Aya Asahina is known for her role in the Netflix series “Alice in Borderland,” while Kenjiro Yamashita’s recent work includes the 2020 series and film, “Hachioji Zombies”.

Relationship: When did Aya Asahina start dating Kenjiro Yamashita?

The couple had been dating for about two years after meeting through a mutual acquaintance. Over time, their relationship has gotten closer, and they have openly expressed their love for one another through a variety of activities and situations that the media has covered.

Aya Asahina has been in a relationship for a while, but they are now married and living together. Their commitment to each other is clear. Fans are pleased with their marriage status as their love story develops.

How was the married life of Aya Asahina and Kenjiro Yamashita going?

Aya Asahina and Kenjiro Yamashita’s love story has been an exciting one, full of growth, love, and shared moments. Over the years, their friendship has grown and they are now inseparable.

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Their relationship has developed into a passionate and devoted relationship since their first meeting on a TV show and their time spent walking the runway together. Supporters excitedly anticipate any new advancements in their romance, anticipating many more heartfelt moments to come.


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