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The Harlem-born Rakim Mayers aka ASAP Rocky’s Net Worth, Cars, Jewelries

The Harlem-born Rakim Mayers aka ASAP Rocky is an American rapper, model and actor as well. Started rapping at 8 but ran over the path of drug dealing before he found the way towards music industry. Let’s also talk about ASAP Rocky’s Net Worth.

His father Adrin Mayers was from Barbados and mother who was from Afro-American are the two first fan of ASAP hip ho. Don’t forget, he had a younger sister name Erica B. He belongs from homeless family as poverty knocked his family’s door years ago but ASAP Rocky’s net worth of $14.5 million had turned their lifestyle. Rakim shift his family to New York City into a flat.

In 2011, ASAP Rocky two singles titled “Purple Swag” and “peso” which was accepted by local fans.

He got a group of fans which motivates him and came with a video of “Purple Swag” which attracts many record industries. After that he came up with mixtape titled “Live:Love:ASAP” which came with an deal of $3million with RCA Records and Polo Ground Music.

In 2013, ASAP’s album Long Live ASAP, topped Billboard 200 chart and sold over 3 million copies in United States. He lost his friend ASAP Yams, who was not only his friends but was also beginner partner of Rakim. Yams, died due to overdose of drugs.

On 2018, he came with third studio album and debuted at no.4 on the US Billboard 200. Beside his albums, ASAP Rocky also cast into movies Dope, Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer, Zoolandar 2, etc.

ASAP Rocky’s Net Worth, his car and Jewelries

By his net worth and earnings, ASAP Rocky is capable of buy expensive cars and jewelries that makes his life luxury and hard parties tours. He also use to spend his best time with musical instruments at his own home.