Who is Andrea Villamizar, and why is she so famous?

Who is Andrea Villamizar, and why is she so famous?

Andrea Villamizar is the loving wife of famous baseball player Wilson Contreras, who currently plays for St. Louis Cardinals for Major League Baseball. Contreras’ wife stays away from the limelight, therefore the reason very few people know details about her. She loves her husband’s game. She often presents in the stadium, cheering and supporting her husband’s teams. The couple tied the knot in 2018. In today’s article we’ll talk in detail about the Andrea Villamizar partner. Keep scrolling down.

How did Andrea and Wilson meet? When did they marry? Do they have kids?

Andrea Villamizar, partner: There is no information on how and when the couple met. They may have met 1-2 years before their marriage. However, the beauty beaus celebrated their wedding on May 3, 2018, with some close friends and relatives. 

Andrea and Wilson marriage
Andrea and Wilson marriage
Image – Chicago

It’s been 5 years of their married life, and they are living happily with each other. They both share deep love and affection for each other. However, they do not like to share their personal life on social media. When you look at the Instagram posts of Wilson, he only shares posts about his games and matches.

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Do Andrea and Wilson have children? Are they parents

It seems they do not have any children now. The couple married in the year 2018. The duo are not in a rush to start their family. The reason is; that they both are quite busy in their professional career.

When was Andrea Villamizar born? Profession, height, age

Wilson Andrea’s wife Andrea was born in Venezuela. However,there is no detailed info about her date of birth. It seems she was born between 1990-1995. But without details, it is difficult to say anything about her. 

As we read above, she keeps herself away from the limelight; we didn’t find any info about her professional career. It seems, she is a homemaker who loves and supports her husband.There is no any info about her height. However, her husband stands 1.85 m.

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Short info about Andrea Villamizar’s husband, Wilson Contreras

Andrea’s husband, Wilson Contreras, is a famous baseball player. He started his professional career with the Chicago Cubs, playing from 2016 to 2022. Prior to becoming a Major, he played minor leagues with Dominican Summer League clubs, Daytona Cubs, Kane County Cougars, and Tennessee Smokies. 

After playing with the Chicago Cubs for six years, he went on a five-year contract worth $87.5 million with the St. Louis Cardinals. He plays as a catcher and designated hitter in his team. He is not only a sports person from his family. His younger brother is also a prominent baseball catcher. Wilson is a three-time All-Star in 7 years tenure of his major league baseball.

Andrea Villamizar husband Wilson Contreras

He is the 30th player who hit two home runs on the first pitch of a major league game. In the year 2022, he had 22 home runs and 55 RBIs. He averages .256 and 117 Homeruns with his previous team, Chicago Clubs.

His current contract pays him an annual salary of $17.5 million, including a base salary of $10 million. As of 2023, Wilson’s net worth can be estimated as $22 M.


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