Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny cause of death is out now.

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny dies in Prison today due to Blood Clot.

In the world of political activism, few names resonate as strongly as that of Alexei Navalny. A tireless critic of corruption and a stalwart advocate for democracy in Russia, Navalny’s life was marked by his unyielding dedication to exposing the truth. Today, we mourn his loss but celebrate his enduring legacy.

Alexei Navalny, a prominent Russian activist and outspoken critic of President Vladimir Putin, has passed away while in prison (source: The Guardian). His relentless fight against political corruption in Russia and his unwavering commitment to democratic values have left an indelible mark on the world.

Navalny complained of stomach pains, but not being treated

Navalny’s team alarmed, stating that his health is seriously declining while he is in prison. The situation was so dire that an ambulance was called last week due to “acute stomach pain” that Navalny was experiencing.
Navalny’s spokeswoman, Kira Yarmysh, vocalized about the situation, sharing on social media that Navalny lost approximately 18 pounds in just 16 days while in solitary confinement. She further added that he was not receiving any treatment. The prison doctor’s response to Navalny’s inquiries about his illness was dismissive, attributing his symptoms to the season rather than a specific medical condition.

The possibility of Navalny being poisoned again to cause his health to slowly deteriorate cannot be ruled out, according to Yarmysh. This would not be the first time Navalny has been the victim of poisoning. In August 2020, he barely survived a poisoning incident, which many believe was politically motivated.

Navalny has been repeatedly placed in solitary confinement for two-week stints over the past few months. His most recent stint in solitary confinement was his 13th. The repeated isolation, coupled with health concerns, paints a grim picture of his current situation.

What was Alexei Navalny cause of death?

Navalany’s alleged demise occurs immediately prior to Russia’s upcoming presidential election, scheduled for March 17, in which Putin is highly expected to secure a fifth term, thereby extending his authority until at least 2030.

He failed to appear at several scheduled court hearings in December. His legal team said on December 22 that he’d been missing for 17 days.

Navalny “felt unwell after a walk” and “almost immediately” lost consciousness, the prison service said Friday. It said it was investigating his “sudden death.”

alexei-navalny death cause

Dmitry Peskov already informed Putin that the reports from the doctors to determine the cause of Navalny’s death.

“As far as we’re aware, in accordance with all the rules, the prison service is carrying out checks and clarifications,” Peskov told reporters. Asked about reports that the death involved a blood clot, he replied: “I don’t know. Doctors must find it out.”

When did Navalny started his journey against Russian corruption?

Navalny’s journey as an activist began in the early 2000s when he started blogging about corruption in Russian politics. His investigations exposed a multitude of corrupt practices, making him a thorn in the side of the Russian establishment. Despite numerous threats and attempts to silence him, Navalny continued his fight, becoming a beacon of hope for many Russians yearning for transparency and justice.

His courage and determination made him a target. Navalny was arrested multiple times, suffered physical attacks, and was poisoned in August 2020. Even in the face of such adversity, he remained undeterred, using every opportunity to shed light on the reality of the Russian political system.

While his passing is a significant loss, Navalny’s spirit and mission continue to inspire activists worldwide. His life is a testament to the power of individuals to effect change, even under the most challenging circumstances. It is a reminder that the fight for justice and democracy often comes at a steep price.