2019 Latest news Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson

Chris Martin is one who is famous as a singer and the other side, Dakota Johnson, who is a lead actress and award-winning actress of Hollywood. If somebody asks me, then I would say, “yes, this is the celebrity’s match made in heaven.” Both of the actors are successful as a profession, but how did Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson meet actually?
The Coldplay lead singer Chris and Fifty Shades of Grey stars have romantically connected since late October 2017, according to Bustle. Before that, it believed that the couple started dating through their mutual friends. On October 12, 2017, the couple was spotted in Los Angeles grabbing dinner together at Sushi restaurant, reported by People.

Dakota with Chris at Beach

After all that, the couple didn’t celebrate Christmas together, according to a source of People magazine. Martin decided to spent night with his two children Moses and Apple with Gwyneth Paltrow, the ex-wife of Chris.
The couple spotted fewer times in 2018, Elle reported that the pair attended Ellen DeGeneres’ 60th birthday party hand-in-hand.  The celebrations filled by top talent celebrities including Chris Martin’s ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow and her new fiancé, Brad Falchuk. It is a bit difficult the ex-wife and husband came along with their new partners in the opposite of each other in the same party. Do Chris introduce Dakota with the biological mother of his kids? Tough situation…

dakota johnson and chris martin photos.
Chris gave a piggyback ride to Dakota . Image Source: Pagesix

But according to the fans of the couple, the relationship seems stable even more in the following with time. Dakota was spotted many times on Malibu where Chris lives. They occasionally go for dinner with friends, which is also a part of romance to be with Chris. They go for the beach and walks around there like an ordinary couple. The couple seems to share a romantic life. Aren’t they getting more dangerous?
After weeks ago, the couple, Chris and Dakota decided to broke up seen flirting up on Sunday beach. They were seems reunited, and so Chris gave a piggyback ride to Dakota and also seen splashing water on each other’s skin.

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