All about William Goldsmith net worth, wife, kids, Foo Fighters - UPDATE

All about William Goldsmith net worth, wife, kids, Foo Fighters

William Goldsmith is a former member of Sunny Day Real Estate and Foo Fighters who is most known for his drumming. He has toured with Mike Watt and IQU, participated on numerous records, and performed live with a variety of bands and musicians. He is currently drumming with Assertion. Following the recording of the album The Colour and the Shape, William was replaced as the drummer by Taylor Hawkins. He is one of the world’s wealthiest drummers.  So, how much money has William Goldsmith made over his career? Come down to find out everything you need to know about William Goldsmith net worth, earnings, income, sources of money, wife, child, and more.

What is William Goldsmith net worth: earnings, salary, and all the way he makes his fortune

William Goldsmith net worth
William Goldsmith with his son at his home Source: Instagram

He is most known for his two-year stint as a rock drummer with Foo Fighters. Shiflett’s success stems from his rock band. William Goldsmith net worth is believed to be $10 million. He’s been in a number of bands and has a lot of music under his belt. He makes a living by playing at parties and concerts. He also makes a lot of money because to his sponsorship deals. Assertion, William Goldsmith’s new band, has published a new song, “Supervised Suffering,” from their upcoming first album, Intermission, which has increased his net worth.

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Assertion revealed earlier this month by Goldsmith, who was a founding member of Sunny Day Real Estate, the Fire Theft, and the Foo Fighters. This is his first musical effort in ten years, and he’ll be joined by Tamminga and bassist Bryan Gorder. William is an American citizen. Following the recording of the album The Colour and the Shape, he was replaced as the drummer by Taylor Hawkins.

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Professional life: When did he start his career?

Goldsmith was recruited to join bassist Nate Mendel and singer-guitarist Dan Hoerner’s band in 1992. Despite being a part of numerous initiatives, Goldsmith was chosen because of their perseverance and dedication. Before landing on Sunny Day Real Estate, the band went by several names, including Empty Set, Chewbacca Kaboom, and One Day I Stopped Breathing. After that, the group released a single called Flatland Spider. Goldsmith also played drums on Sunny Day Real Estate’s subsequent live album, which was their final recording for Sub Pop, as well as their studio album The Rising Tide, released in 2000.

Goldsmith and Enigk joined The Fire Theft with original Sunny Day bassist Nate Mendel after Sunny Day Real Estate disbanded for the second time. After that, there was an album and a tour.
Around the same time, Goldsmith formed Varicocele with guitarist Billy Dolan, who had previously worked with him on the Fire Theft album and tour. The band recorded roughly 30 songs and delivered them to Sub Pop’s Jonathan Poneman, who turned them down.

The unfinished fifth Sunny Day Real Estate album remained “silent, abandoned, and buried beneath the murkiest depths of David Grohl’s sock drawer,” according to Goldsmith’s Facebook page in December 2018. He would later clarify that he was referring to Jeremy Enigk not having “the spiritual support as well as engineering that he needed” at Grohl’s Studio 606 when the album sessions were abandoned.
Assertion, Goldsmith’s new band, signed to Spartan Records in 2020, and their debut album ‘Intermission’ was released on April 9th, 2021.

Early life, Age, Parents, Nationality, Education

William Goldsmith was born in Seattle, Washington, on July 4, 1972. His parents are Hugh and Skitty Goldsmith. There is no information about his brothers and sisters. He brought up in a Catholic household. After being introduced to bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Costello and the Attractions, and Talking Heads by his older brother, the famed drummer began playing drums as a child. Goldsmith has indicated that he aspired to be a drummer like John Lennon and has credited Keith Moon of The Who as his primary influence. Screaming Hormones, Goldsmith’s first band, established in fifth school.

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Goldsmith and John Atkins created the 13 in high school, and then formed the hardcore punk band Reason for Hate with his buddy Jeremy Enigk, whom he had previously invited to be the 13’s bassist. Greg Williamson persuaded Goldsmith to join the band Positive Greed after he graduated from high school. Following that, Goldsmith worked with a variety of ensembles, at times being a member of four bands at the same time. He also broadened his musical preferences, becoming a fan of post-hardcore bands like Fugazi as well as Nirvana’s debut album Bleach.

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Is the handsome man married: William Goldsmith wife and children

William Goldsmith daughter
William Goldsmith with his daughter Mayura Source: Instagram

William has a happy marriage. He prefers to live in the shadows of the media, therefore little information about his personal life is available. The identity of his wife and the location of their wedding are unclear. On Instagram, he frequently posts images of his children. He has a son named Logan and two daughters Araiyah and Mayura. He looks to be a private person, as he has not disclosed any information about his relationship. Goldsmith also appears to be a trustworthy and loyal person, with no extramarital affairs, gossip, or scandal in his personal life.

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Quick facts about William Goldsmith

Full Real NameWilliam Goldsmith
BirthdateJuly 4, 1972
Age (as of 2021)5o years old
Place of BirthSeattle, Washington
ProfessionMusician, singer, songwriter, Drummer
Net worth$10 million
Zodiac SignTaurus
ParentsHugh and Skitty Goldsmith
Weight180 lbs

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