Who is Walentina Doronina's boyfriend, Can Kaplan? parents, nationality

Who is Walentina Doronina’s boyfriend, Can Kaplan? parents, nationality

German influencer and reality TV star Walentina Doronina first gained widespread recognition by appearing on the program Are You The One? Reality Stars in Love (2021). Valentina has appeared on television frequently since the year 2020. She has seen quite a few performances and received a tattoo at each one. She participated in Promi Big Brother 2022 as one of the competitors 2022. Does she have a boyfriend? If the answer is yes, who is the lucky boy? Come learn more about Walentina Doronina’s boyfriend, parents, and many more.

 Who is Walentina Doronina’s boyfriend, Can Kaplan? when did the couple start dating?

Walentina Doronina and Can Kaplan are a happy couple. Walentina Doronina has been dating Can Kaplan, an Essen start-up firm, since September 2022. Reality TV fame found pleasure in entrepreneur Can Kaplan following the romantic drama with her ex-boyfriend Peter Kujan. Her previous relationship with former “Bachelorette” contestant Peter Kujan lasted only a few months. 

Walentina Doronina's boyfriend
Walentina Doronina with his boyfriend Can Kaplan sources Promiflesh

The couple is at the moment on holiday in Mykonos. The two influencers shared a lot of turtle-related content with their follower base to show their appreciation. The couple now appears to be preparing for their future together.

Valentina responded to inquiries about her new relationship in an Instagram Q&A session, indicating that she and Can will soon share an apartment. We’ll move in together after the vacation, she declared. Although she has only been dating the man for a week and a half, the blonde seems to be in the proper place: “I believe that waiting for something like that is complete folly. Everything is ideal if it feels right.”

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Walentina Doronina: What is known about her?

She finished her trade degree after high school and enrolled in a gymnastics teacher training program. She ended this, though, to focus solely on her TV career. Walentina gained notoriety in 2020 while participating in “Ex on the Beach,” where she first met Christopher Baum, her ex-partner. Doronina placed all of her hope in a rekindled romance, which did occur but didn’t last. In 2021, the influencer attempted another relationship using the “Are You The One” structure, but she left the project alone and was in charge of many of the candidates’ disagreements. She competed in the “Couple Challenge” that same year alongside Christin Okpara, and the two female powerhouses came in third. Gina Beckmann and Cedric Beidinger took home the prizes.

The tenth season of “Celebrity Big Brother” will premiere on November 18, 2022, and Valentina Doronina will compete among 14 other celebrities and starlets, including newbie Jennifer Iglesias and moderator Diana Schell. The influencer, who usually shares insights from her opulent life, prefers life in the closed chamber to keep fascinating.

When and where was the stunning Walentina Doronina born? Age, parents, education, and nationality

Walentina Doronina was born on May 11, 2000, in Essen, Germany. Walentina Doronina is 22 years old as of the year 2022. The father of Walentina Doronina is, and the mother’s identity is not known. Walentina Doronina’s birth sign is Taurus. After earning her trade degree, she enrolled in teacher training for gymnastics. Walentina Doronina holds German nationality.

Reading, photography, learning, traveling, internet surfing, and other activities are only a few of Walentina Doronina’s passions. Walentina loves the luxurious lifestyle she shares with her Instagram followers through her attendance at festivals, her use of chic hotel rooms, champagne bottles, swimming pools, Aperol, and shopping expeditions.


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