Amazon Studios PR Executive Vicky Eguia net worth, husband, cause of death

Amazon Studios PR Executive Vicky Eguia net worth, husband, cause of death

Vicky Eguia worked as a public relations manager at Amazon Studios. She was a part of multiple award-winning film campaigns, including Pan’s Labyrinth, La Vie en Rose, and Amazon Studios’ historic Oscar winners Manchester by the Sea and The Salesman. Eguia died on Saturday, June 25, 2022, at the age of 48. Scroll down to learn more about Vicky Eguia net worth, husband, and cause of death, among other things:

Vicky Eguia net worth: How much did she earn from her entire career before her death?

Vicky Eguia net worth
Amazon Studios PR Vicky Eguia died at the age of 48 Source: Facebook

Before her death, Vicky spent the last seven years as the Director of PR, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Community Relations at Amazon Studios. In 2015, she joined Amazon Studios as Head of Publicity for Amazon Original Movies. Vicky Eguia net worth was approximately $1 million. The average Amazon PR Manager earns around $100,376 per year. Amazon’s PR Manager salary is $16,547 higher than the national average. 

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She was a key member of the team that made Amazon Studios history by being the first-ever streamer to be nominated for a Best Picture award and to win three Academy Awards for Manchester By The Sea (Best Original Screenplay & Best Actor) and The Salesman in 2016. (Best Foreign Language Film). Vicky was well-known for her passion for movies and all aspects of the industry. She was an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences member.

Vicky worked at Rogers & Cowen, where she specialized in corporate accounts for clients such as IFC Films, Lionsgate, and Newmarket Films. On marketing campaigns for films such as Y Tu Mamá También, Whale Rider, and the $368 million-grossing My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Career and struggle of The Late Vicky 

Eguia was with Amazon Studios for seven years, most recently as Director of PR, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Community Relations. She joined Amazon Studios in 2015 as the Head of Publicity for Amazon Original Films. She was an integral part of the team that helped Amazon Studios become the first streaming service to be nominated for a Best Picture award and win three Academy Awards in 2016 for Manchester By The Sea (Best Original Screenplay, Best Actor, and The Salesman) and other films. (Foreign Language Film of the Year)

She oversaw all of the studio’s upcoming films, including the critically praised The Big Sick, Cold War, The Sound of Metal, Borat: The Subsequent Movie, One Night in Miami, Coming 2 America, and many others.

Vicky’s first work in the industry was as an Account Executive in Rogers & Cowan’s film department. Vicky has worked with studio executive and indie distribution guru Bob Berney and his wife, marketing and PR specialist Jeanne Berney, for the whole of her career. Vicky got her first work in the business as an Account Executive in the film department at Rogers & Cowan in 2000.

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Who is Vicky Eguia husband? Was she married at the time of her death? 

 Vicky Eguia husband
The Late Vicky Eguia died after long battle with cancer Source: Facebook

For the seven years prior to her death, Vicky was employed at Amazon Studios in the role of Director of PR, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Community Relations. She had been battling cancer for a long time and decided to spend her final time with her parents and family. As a result, she never married and had no relationships. Her primary concentration was on strengthening her professional career because it was only her job that allowed her to forget about her illness.

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Vicky Eguia cause of death: Funeral

Those who worked with her will remember her for her joyful, graceful, patient, and can-do attitude. She had battled cancer for a number of years, and the illness eventually won in the end. she passed away on Saturday morning. Vicky Eguia cause of death was Long-term cancer.

“From Showest to film campaigns to festivals, it was a fantastic moment in the indie cinema sector and she was a significant part of it,” Picturehouse COO Jeanne Berney tells Deadline.

“Vicky and I enjoyed many adventures and many laughter over the years, most recently at Amazon,” says Picturehouse CEO Bob Berney, adding, “I’ll always remember those good days.”

Vickey friend Don Argott, posted a photo of her on Facebook and captioned. Absolutely heartbroken to hear the news that our dear friend Vicky Eguia has passed away. We met Vicky in 2004 after we sold our first film, ROCK SCHOOL, to Newmarket Films. Vicky was part of the PR team that worked on the film’s release. We became fast friends and instant family. Through all the ups and downs that came from selling and releasing our first film, Vicky was there. I’ll never forget the great times we got to spend together. This life is hard, and when you find your people, you find your people. My deepest sympathies go out to her sister Mandy and the rest of her family and friends. Love you Vicky.


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