Tamra Judge Closes CUT Fitness After a Decade Following Pandemic Impact

Tamra Judge Closes CUT Fitness After a Decade Following Pandemic Impact

The global pandemic had a huge impact on businesses in all industries around the world. While some managed to weather the storm, others struggled to get back on track after lengthy closures. Some have since been forced to close their doors due to the huge losses experienced, and one of these is sadly CUT Fitness, which was launched by Real Housewives of Orange County couple, Tamra and Eddie Judge.

The couple has enjoyed success with various ventures, and this includes their company Vena CBD where you can purchase products such as Vena CBD gummies. However, the impact of the pandemic was too much for the couple’s fitness facility in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. The gym has now been officially closed after first opening its doors back in March 2013.

A Brief Rebound

The reality star spoke about the closure of the gym on her recent podcast and said that while they had been able to rebound briefly from the pandemic, this had not lasted long. Earlier this summer, the couple decided to close the doors to CUT Fitness for good, which marked a sad moment for them. However, they still have plenty of other ventures and will continue to focus on these.

Tamra said that some people have said on social media that she is only returning to RHOC because of the financial losses from closing the gym. Her response to this was, “We decided to close our gym down before I got asked back to the show. So that had nothing to do with anything that’s going on right now.”

She also spoke about how well the gym had been doing until the pandemic struck, and how proud she was of everything it had achieved in its ten years. The gym did not cater to large crowds but was more of a personal facility with small numbers of people using it at any one time. Tamra said that it was hard to close what was a very successful venture until a couple of years ago and that it was a huge personal loss for her and Eddie.

Selling the Gym Equipment

Of course, as a result of the closure, the couple was left with a lot of gym equipment that was no longer required. In a bid to try and get rid of this, the Judges decided to sell the products via their website as well as on social media channels. This has enabled fitness fans to snap up equipment from the once-successful gym while enabling the couple to make back some money to offset the losses.

While the gym may be gone, the couple will continue to focus on other ventures and have commented on the ongoing success of their CBD business. Tamra said that Vena was doing very well and that the products that it sells online have now become available in Sally Beauty stores. The CBD business sells a range of products catering to a variety of needs and budgets.


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