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Tony Dow cause of death; Wife & ex-wife

Tony Dow’s acting career started when he was cast as Wally Cleaver in Leave It to Beaver despite having little to no prior acting experience. Dow kept performing throughout the 1970s while working in construction, going to school for journalism, and making movies. On April 13, 1945, John Stevens Dow Jr., a designer and general constructor, and Muriel Virginia Dow welcomed Dow into the world in Hollywood, California. He was married twice. What was the Tony Dow cause of death? Who was his second wife?

Tony Dow Cause of death

Tony Dow was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. His wife, Lauren Dow, told TMZ that the celebrity had to stay in the hospital’s emergency room for more than 24 hours since there were no beds available for non-COVID patients. Tony Dow cause of death was cancer. The actor and director have been open in the past about their health issues. His agent Frank Bilotta at the time acknowledged that he was admitted to the hospital in August with pneumonia.

He was COVID free and negative when he returned home from the hospital, according to Lauren. Tony was receiving treatment, and Lauren reportedly stated that he would be released after a week.

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Wife and Ex-wife of Tony Dow

Tony Dow married Carol Marlow 1969 and they welcomed one child from their married relationship. But something went wrong and her wife left him alone in 1980. After some months of his divorce, he married in the same year of his divorce. Tony married to the second time in his life. He married to Lauren Shulkind in 1980 and was together until Tony died.


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