Who is Tigst Assefa Tessema, 2023 Berlin Marathon winner? Full Wiki-Biography

Who is Tigst Assefa Tessema, 2023 Berlin Marathon winner? Full Wiki-Biography

Tigst Assefa Tessema is an Ethiopian long-distance runner and also a former 800-meter specialist. Now, Assefa becomes the first woman to break 2:12 in a marathon race at the Berlin Marathon. Eliud Kipchoge secured his fifth Berlin Marathon victory on Sunday (24 September) with Tigist Assefa taking more than two minutes off the women’s world record. She finished the race in a startling two hours, eleven minutes, and fifty-three seconds, which is the moment she crossed the finish line.

Tigst Assefa Tessema is an Ethiopian long-distance runner

Brigid Kosgei holds the record of the fastest women’s marathon time, running the Chicago Marathon in 2:14:04 in 2019.
All eyes are on Kipchoge who’s 5th win is not secure yet with 2km to go, but this ladies run could be the biggest result in recent history!

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When was Tigst Assefa Tessema born?

Berlin Marathon winner Tigst was born on 3 December 1996 in Ethiopia. She is 26 years old as of now and on upcoming December, she will turn to 27. Well, we will update the information about her parents and their religion or ethnicity as well.

Childhood picture of Tigst Assefa
Earlier picture of Assefa

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church claims more than two-fifths of the Ethiopian population as adherents. One-fifth of the population is Christian of some other denomination, with Protestantism being by far the most common. About a third of Ethiopia’s population today identifies as Muslim, after Islam’s introduction in the seventh century.

Career, Failure and Success of Tigst Assefa

Assefa was able to record negative splits during the Berlin Marathon in 2022. Her previous personal best for a half marathon was 67:28, which she achieved in April 2022 when she won the Adizero Road to Records event in Herzogenaurach, also in Germany. She finished the second half of the race in 67:24, which was quicker than her previous best.

Tigist Assefa berlin marathon winner

Tigist Assefa Berlin Marathon winner 2023

Assefa won the Berlin Marathon in 2023 with a time of 2:11:53, which established a new record for the marathon. She ran the first half of the race in 66:20 minutes, and the second half in 65:33 minutes, using negative splits for both halves of the race.

Tigst Assefa Tessema religion

Assefa had a more difficult time navigating the path that led to his accomplishment. According to the organizers of the marathon, she had tendinitis at the beginning of this year and had to withdraw from the London Marathon. Her doggedness and ability to bounce back from disappointments like this have paid off, as she currently holds a world record.

She won with the world lightest shoes from Adidas

According to the Adidas Facebook post, she won with the lightest shoes of Adidas.

The greatest female marathon runner of all time… in their lightest and fastest shoe ever created 👟 Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1 .


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