Ryoma Takeuchi and Ayaka Miyoshi are getting married soon, but when?

Ryoma Takeuchi and Ayaka Miyoshi are getting married soon, but when?

Ryoma Takeuchi is a Japanese actor, model and television personality who is affiliated with Horipro. He was a Rissho University Global Environmental Sciences student. He is best known for his role as Shinnosuke Tomari, the main character of the Kamen Rider series Kamen Rider Drive. Ryoma Takeuchi most recently appeared in Season 3 of “Alice in Borderland.” Apart from his professional life, is he married or in a romantic relationship? If yes, who is her love life and dating partner? So today, in this article we talk  all about his partner, wife, and  romantic relationship.

Who is Ryoma Takeuchi’s girlfriend/partner? Is he married?

Ryoma Takeuchi, the talented actor known for his roles in various Japanese dramas and movies, has been in a committed relationship with Ayaka Miyoshi. The couple has been together for three years and has shared their love story with the public.

Ryoma Takeuchi with his sweetheart
Ryoma Takeuchi with his sweetheart sources jefusion

Whether they are taking leisurely strolls in their loungewear or shopping at local supermarkets, they are frequently sighted together. Photographs of their ardent love have captured their genuine emotions for one another.

Currently, Ryoma Takeuchi and Ayaka Miyoshi share a lavish tower apartment as well as being partners. They may even have paid each other’s parents a visit, according to reports, which has stoked rumors that they will soon make their marriage public.

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Their love has lasted despite several obstacles relating to their careers and public opinion, and supporters are eagerly awaiting any formal announcements regarding their marriage.

Relationship: When did Ryoma Takeuchi start dating Ayaka Miyoshi?

For around three years, Ryoma Takeuchi and Ayaka Miyoshi had been in a romantic relationship. Over time, their relationship has gotten closer, and they have openly expressed their love for one another through a variety of activities and situations that the media has covered.

Takeuchi first denied being in a relationship, but now that they are living together in an opulent tower apartment, it is clear that they are committed to one another. As their love story progresses, fans anxiously anticipate any official declarations regarding their marital status.

How and when did Ryoma Takeuchi and Ayaka Miyoshi meet?

In the entertainment industry, Ryoma Takeuchi and Ayaka Miyoshi first met at the August 2004 TBS episode of “Merengue no kikan.” Miyoshi was the show’s substitute MC at the time. The basis for their future relationship was established by their first meeting.

When they gave a joint performance at the 2005 “Seventeen Summer School Festival,” their romance took off even further. They quickly became closer as they walked the runway side by side, and their friendship was strengthened by their common experiences. Their romantic journey, which culminated in their current intense love, started during these moments.

How was the romantic life of Ayaka Miyoshi and Ryoma Takeuchi going?

Ayaka Miyoshi and Ryoma Takeuchi’s love story has been an exciting one, full of growth, love, and shared moments. Over the years, their friendship has grown and they are now inseparable.

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Their relationship has developed into a passionate and devoted relationship since their first meeting on a TV show and their time spent walking the runway together. Supporters excitedly anticipate any new advancements in their romance, anticipating many more heartfelt moments to come.

Who is Ryoma Takeuchi’s girlfriend Ayaka Miyoshi? Her profession, and biography

Ayaka Miyoshi, born on June 18, 1996, is a multi-talented Japanese actress, model, and former idol. Ayaka is an idol group fan of Nogizaka46, especially of Mai Shiraishi, a former member of the group. She is an only kid.

Ryoma Takeuchi's girlfriend Ayaka Miyoshi
Ryoma Takeuchi’s girlfriend Ayaka Miyoshi sources Instagram

When Ayaka was still in the first grade of elementary school, she started her modeling career. Her career as a model for Nico-petit began in July 2008 and she rose to stardom. She later participated in the Miss Seventeen 2010 model audition and was hired as an exclusive model for the adolescent fashion publication Seventeen in August 2010.

In April 2010, Ayaka became a member of Sakura Gakuin, a Japanese idol group. The group and its subunit SCOOPERS were a part of her life until her graduation in March 2012. Since making her stage debut in 2007, Ayaka has excelled in a variety of roles. Notably, she portrayed Ann Rizuna in the “Alice in Borderland” Netflix series. She was the lead actress in the 2023 movie “Knuckle Girl,” playing Ran Tachibana.


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