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Roman Polanski born on 18th August 1933, is a film director, producer, writer, and actor. His movie The Pianist earned him an Academy Award for Best Director. Further, Roman polanski also won BAFTA awards for the same film in 2003. So, how much Roman Polanski Net worth is now which he share with wife Seigner? Let’s read the story.

Roman Polanski wives

Roman Polanski wife Emmanuelle Seigner
Roman wife Emmanuelle Seigner. Source:

  Roman is currently 86 years old by 2019, and he is now living with his wife Emmanuelle Seigner, who is an actress, model, and singer. Emmanuelle Seigner is also the third wife of Roman who is 33 years younger than her husband. Emmanuelle Seigner married to Roman Polanski in 30th August 1989 after her career was on track. The couple blessed with two children.

But before Emmanuelle Seigner, Roman was married to two other actress, but unfortunately, both of the previous wives left him alone forever.

Polanski married to Barbara Kwiatkowska

Roman firstly married to Barbara Kwiatkowska on 19th September 1959 but couldn’t last more than four years and got divorced. Later Barbara Kwiatkowska married to Karliheunz Bohm in 1963 but again got divorced after a child in 1980.

Roman’s Second wife Sharon Tate

After nine years of his divorced, Roman met Sharon in the film industry and who was a famous actress in Hollywood. Sharon is renowned as an actress of 19’s. She gave much hit movies to the film industries and collected a massive amount of fan from her acting skill. Sharon and Roman also acted in a film together, in the 1967 film “The Fearless Vampire Killers” and it believed that Sharon was the dream girl of every young and old man.

Roman's Second wife Sharon Tate
Roman’s Second wife Sharon Tate. Source: Opinion

Sharon Tate married to Roman Polanski in 1968 after the couple was living together in London. On August 1969, Sharon Tate murdered and who was two weeks from giving birth Roman’s child.

Roman Polanski Net Worth & Earnings

Roman Polanski net worth is an estimated of $49 million in 2020. His passion and dedication towards cinema made him one of the prominent names in Hollywood. He is not only a director/producer. Besides film making, he successfully established himself as a writer as well as a director too.

Roman Polanski net worth
Roman Polanski pose for the picture at his own house

All his dedication and devotion towards movies made him one of the wealthiest director/producer. Through his effort in the American Cinema, his salary and earnings are incredible. As of 2020, Roman Polanski has an estimated net worth of $49 million and his last movieOnce upon a Time in Hollywoodcollected huge popularity in the cinemas around the world. And also nominated for Oscar & Bafta too.

If we are talking about Roman’s income/salary, his annual salary is $7.65 million. He earns $637,500 per month, whereas his salary per week is $147,115.38


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