Who is Ricky Gervais long-term dating partner/wife? Is he married?

Who is Ricky Gervais long-term dating partner/wife? Is he married?

Ricky Gervais, the renowned British comedian, actor, writer, and producer, has undoubtedly made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. From “The Office” to “After Life”, Gervais’ unique brand of humor and poignant storytelling has left audiences worldwide in laughter and tears alike. But behind this successful man stands an equally talented and accomplished woman, his partner of over three decades, Jane Fallon.

Who Is Jane Fallon?

Born on December 9, 1960, Jane Fallon is a British author and former television producer. She graduated from University College London, where she met Gervais in 1982, and they have been together ever since.

Fallon started her career in television production, working on popular series such as “Teachers” and “20 Things to Do Before You’re 30”. She also worked as the head of EastEnders’ production team.

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In 2007, Fallon decided to transition into writing, releasing her debut novel “Getting Rid of Matthew”. The book was a success, becoming a bestseller and getting translated into over 25 languages. Since then, Fallon has penned numerous novels, including “Foursome”, “The Ugly Sister”, “Skeletons”, and “Tell Me a Secret”, which have all found their places on the bestseller lists.

When and where Ricky Gervais met his girlfriend?

Ricky Gervais met his long-term partner, Jane Fallon, while they were both students at University College London (UCL) in the early 1980s. The exact year isn’t publicly known, but it was likely around 1982, the year Fallon graduated.

So, their love story began in the halls of academia, and they’ve built a strong partnership that’s lasted for over 40 years!

A Unique Love Story: Since when are they dating? relationship

Fallon and Gervais have been together for over 38 years, making them one of the longest-standing couples in the entertainment industry. Despite their long-term relationship, the couple has chosen not to marry or have children, a decision they’ve both publicly supported.

Their love story is refreshingly down-to-earth and relatable.They are known for their mutual respect and admiration, often expressing their love and support for each other in interviews and on social media.

Ricky Gervais and partner Jane Fallon shared Love for Animals

Fallon and Gervais share a deep love for animals, particularly cats. They had a cat named Ollie, who was a beloved part of their family until her passing in 2020. The couple has since adopted another cat, Pickle, who frequently features on their social media profiles.

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Gervais is known for his outspokenness on animal rights issues, and Fallon shares this passion. They both actively support numerous animal welfare organizations and use their platforms to raise awareness about animal cruelty.

Who is his long-term girlfriend? Is Ricky Gervais married? 

Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon have been in a long-term committed relationship since 1982. They haven’t actually gotten married. They’ve chosen to forgo the ceremony, with Gervais jokingly stating, “there’s no point in us having an actual ceremony before the eyes of God because there is no God.”

Jane Fallon isn’t just Ricky Gervais’ partner; she’s a successful individual in her own right. With her successful career as an author and her unwavering dedication to animal welfare, Fallon is an inspiring figure. She stands as a testament to the power of hard work, passion, and staying true to one’s values.


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