District Attorney Rachael Rollins husband & daughter

District Attorney Rachael Rollins husband & daughter

Rachael Splaine Rollins is the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts. Rollins has been the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts for one year, a position she accepted to combat hate and increase equity throughout the justice system. Rollins was previously the Suffolk County District Attorney in Massachusetts, which includes the cities of Boston, Chelsea, Revere, and Winthrop. She has a 17-year-old daughter with her ex-husband, who is currently divorced. Come down to know more about Rachael Rollins husband, married, daughter, and many more:

Who is Rachael Rollins husband? Is she married now?

Rachael Rollins husband
District Attorney Rachael Rollins with her daughter Peyton Rollins Source: Instagram

Rachael Rollins husband: Rollins is the county’s first black female prosecutor and is currently single. Rachael appears very private about her personal life, as she rarely speaks about her husband and child. According to sources, she was married once and divorced after only a decade of marriage, with whom she had a daughter. They eventually divorced due to a disagreement.

Rachael’s been working in the law and serving the nation for more than two decades. She is currently a 51-year-old stunning lady. She has balanced her political career and family life as a single mother. Her priorities were raising her daughter and running for office. As a result, she never married again after her divorce from her first husband.

She has a daughter Peyton Rollins with her ex-husband

Rachael Rollins is the chief law enforcement officer for the Massachusetts cities of Boston, Chelsea, Revere, and Winthrop. Rollins has introduced humane and data-driven rules that no longer criminalize mental health difficulties, substance use disorders, food and housing insecurity, or immigration status, instead of focusing her limited resources on the most violent and severe offenses.

Rachael and her husband have an 18-year-old daughter named Peyton Rollins. Following their divorce, she shares custody of her daughter with her ex-husband. They have co-parented their daughter and are doing their best to provide the best possible upbringing.

She also looks after her nieces, who are eight and twelve years old. Rachael is also their protector. She also stated that she is content with her family and her dog Cassius.


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