Princess Haya Bodyguard Russell Flowers wife, age, died

Princess Haya Bodyguard Russell Flowers wife, age, died

Russell Flowers was Princess Haya’s bodyguard in Dubai. Their secret relationship was exposed when they were captured red-handed by Sheikh: bodyguard Russells’ hidden relationship affairs with Princess Haya have now been made public. Everyone is talking about them because it has turned into a hot topic of gossip on the internet. Princess Haya is best known as the sixth wife of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. After a few days, a rumor surfaced that he had been murdered in 2020, but only God knows if this is true or not. We’re sure you’re eager to learn more about him, right? So, today, we’ll bring you all of the information on him, including Russell Flowers wife, death cause, and many more.

Who was Russell Flowers wife? What was the cause of their divorce?

Haya bint Hussein and Russell Flowers’ Bodyguard Source: thestateindia

Russell Flowers was a former soldier, and because his personal life is kept private on the internet, his wife has yet to be exposed. Russell Flowers wife name has yet to be revealed to the public. His affair resulted in a messy divorce. Though his wife was first unconcerned, she became suspicious after seeing him get calls and messages from the princess every night when he returned home. She was upset when she found out about the affair, according to one of her friends. Princess Haya is said to have bought a farmhouse in a village near Newmarket, Suffolk, where he was stationed, after his failed marriage.

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Russell’s wife was heartbroken when she learned of her husband’s shameful act. Flowers kept a photo of Princess Haya in her swimming costume in his room, leading his wife to suspect the two’s seemingly innocent work relationship. He told his wife about his feelings a few months later. The bodyguard claimed he no longer loved her while also denying ever having feelings for her. He claimed he hadn’t been unfaithful to her.

Princess Haya bint Hussein and Russell Flowers’ Bodyguard Affair out in 2018

Russell Flowers had a two-year secret affair with Princess Haya Bint Hussein. The princess was Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum’s sixth wife. When Sheikh caught them red-handed, their hidden relationship was revealed. Haya and Russell, on the other hand, were madly in love. Russell once received a £50,000 hunting rifle as a gift. She used to lavishly treat Russell, then 37, her former bodyguard, with gifts. It was almost like a bribe to keep the affair’s secrets hidden.

People are slamming their love. Haya had an affair with a married man. Haya should be ashamed for destroying a woman’s home. On Twitter, one individual wrote: According to the Daily Mail, Russell is an ex-soldier who has worked as a bodyguard. Three people’s lives have been damaged as a result of their unlawful love affairs. When Dubai heir Sheika discovered his wife Haya’s close relationship with bodyguard Russell.

According to reports, she paid her lover, a British bodyguard, around Rs 12 crore to stay quiet about their unlawful relationship. The couple’s two-year romance caused their divorce settlement of £554 million on Tuesday. Sir Andrew McFarlane, a Family Court judge, claimed in 2017 that the princess was having an affair with her close protection officer, Russell Flowers.

Who was Russell Flowers? Age revealed

Russell Flowers was in his late 30s or early 40s when he died, putting him around the age of 38. Russell Flowers is Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein’s bodyguard in Dubai. Their romance was disclosed on the internet, and they both became online celebrities. Sheikh, according to insiders, does not believe they have been together for years. When he paid a surprise visit to his London residence, where they spotted each other, his suspicions were confirmed.

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Sources also claimed that Sheikh and Haya’s four years of marital affairs ended after knowing the shameful truth of his princess haya. We also received the news that Sheikh initially divorced her. Later Russell was also removed from the Arab Royal duties. 

Is Russell Flowers bodyguard dead/alive? If yes, what is Russell’s cause of death?

Russell Flowers died in a motorcycle accident over the last week, according to a video posted on Youtube on May 11, 2020. After their secret romance was exposed when they were caught red-handed by Sheikh: bodyguard, he was removed from Arab royal family duty. Russell’s long-hidden indiscretions with Princess Haya have suddenly been revealed.

Because there is no more information on Russell’s death on the internet, it is unclear whether he is alive or dead. We will update it soon. 


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