Is Nomar Mazara girlfriend name is jozee Andrus? Who is she?

No one noticed about Nomar Mazara is true love of a beautiful chubby lady. Let’s find who is she…

So the girl name Jozee is in love with Nomar Mazara? Nomar Mazara is her first love? So Nomar Mazara girlfriend is Jozee Andrus ?

The girl Jozee is from Texas, the United States who mentioned in her twitter that she loves baseball and supports Texas Rangers. Well, there is no official announcement of Normar that he is in love with someone or is dating someone. That is his personal and likes to keep personal until he wants. But, what the world is having now on Instagram that one of the Texas Rangers fan is so much attracted to handsome baseball players of Texas Rangers.

jozee is a mother of two kids… but a big fan of Baseball too

Jozee is from Texas and is a mother of two beautiful kids. She gave birth to her goddaughter in 2006 and 2013, she gave birth to a boy. She is a very open-minded lady who loves to enjoy her life no matter what comes on moments of life.

Well, there is no need to go into her personal life which looks very happy and I wish she smiles like she is having now. But the question is, “Does she in love with Nomar

? Is she Nomar Mazara girlfriend?

Jozee is a married woman but she never buried her way of living from childhood to till now. She grew up with her little brother and her grandma supported her and here she is.

She loves baseball game and so she is a big fan of Nomar Mazara and maybe that’s why she supports Texas Rangers.

By her Instagram profile, she looks selfie expert and she took a selfie with many sports persons. But there is a picture where she did mention that Jozee is having a sequence of the pictures with Nomar from 2016 and also in 2018 & 2019.

Maybe, Jozee Andrus is only the fan who will miss so much to Nomar if he is not in the ground.

We do have some emotional attachment with our favorite stars when s/he is not on the platform for some reason. 


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