How rich is Nessa Barrett, and who are her ex-boyfriends? - 2023

How rich is Nessa Barrett, and who are her ex-boyfriends?

A famous American singer and social media star Nessa Barrett is known for her unique personality and gorgeous looks. She is a dancing sensation and lip-syncs artist who has gained a massive fan following with her outstanding performances. Barrett is undoubtedly one of the most successful celebrities with a whooping income.

She is a charming young celebrity and attracts a lot of attention from many handsome guys. Nessa Barrett’s social media presence brought her to the limelight, and in the process, she has been associated with several celebrities. Nessa’s relationships have always been the talk of the town owing to her unparallel popularity.

Early Life

Initially, Nessa Barrett started her career by joining TikTok in 2019. Nessa started posting lip-sync videos with funny audio and later showcased her dancing skills on the platform. In the process, Nessa Barrett turned out to be one of the most famous female TikTok stars, with millions of followers.

Eventually, Nessa Barrett also made her way to Instagram, where she posts glimpses from her everyday life, modelling photoshoots, pictures from events, entertaining reels, and more. This famous Instagram star has earned millions of followers on her @nessabarrett Instagram account. Nessa Barrett is also quite active on her official YouTube channel, which was launched in 2018. Most of Nessa Barrett’s YouTube videos are related to her songs and music videos. Even on YouTube, Nessa Barrett has gained millions of subscribers who follow her daily.

Besides that, Nessa Barrett is also a well-known singer and has released multiple singles. Nessa’s first song was a piano-based ballad titled ‘Pain’ released in July 2020. Some of Nessa Barrett’s other popular songs are La Di Die, Die First, Madhouse; I Hope Ur Miserable until Ur Dead and the like.

Personal Life

Regarding her personal life, Nessa Barrett was born to a well-established Christian family in New Jersey, United States. Nessa celebrates her birthday on August 6 and is currently 20 years old. She measures around 4 feet 11 inches in height, and Nessa is approximately 50kgs. As per Nessa’s parents, her father is Drew Barrett, a TikTok Star. However, Nessa’s parents are divorced, and for most of her childhood, Nessa lived with her single mother.

Nessa shares her sibling bond with her brother Julian Barrett, and both of them are pretty close. She was relatively young when Nessa developed an interest in dancing and singing. As per sources, Nessa has revealed that she has suffered from multiple mental health issues for most of her life.

How rich is Nessa Barrett?

Besides being a social media celebrity with whooping followers counts, Nessa is also a famous American singer and has released multiple singles under popular production houses, thus making millions out of them. Various sources give the net worth of Nessa Barrett. However, as of 2023, Nessa Barrett’s net worth is more than $1 million, thus making her lifestyle so luxurious.

Being one of the most successful internet personalities, Nessa has gained so much at a young age. She was in her late teenage years when she joined the media world and started her professional career. Over the years, Nessa has earned a massive social media presence that adds to her net income. Moreover, Nessa has also collaborated with multiple brands like Novashine, OG Scrunchies, Vintage Wavez, and more, all contributing to her net income. 

Who are Nessa Barrett’s ex-boyfriends?

Talking about Nessa Barrett’s relationship status, through identifying herself as bisexual, she has been associated with multiple men. In November 2019, Barrett started dating well-known male TikTok star Josh Richards, according to Tikwikitok. For almost two years, the duo was all head over heels for each other. Nessa and Josh posted multiple content on their social media pages while dating each other. However, in June 2020, Nessa Barrett and Josh Richard parted ways and informed their respective fan base.

The love life of Nessa Barrett was again talked about when she started dating Jaden Hossler, who is a famous American rock singer. Nessa and Jaden were quite a thing when they were dating in 2021. She even collaborated with Jaden in her 2021 song La Di Die which Travis Baker produced. However, Nessa and Jaden are no longer a romantic pair.

According to some sources, Nessa Barrett is dating an Instagram celebrity, Harley Solomon. In December 2022, Harley posted a picture from Nessa Barrett’s music studios, thus confirming their dating rumours.


Nessa is a gorgeous 20-years old American celebrity and has always been in the lights for her incredible career, thus making her one of the wealthiest social media celebrities. Also, Nessa Barrett’s relationship status is always in a twist-turn mode as she has been associated with many boyfriends.


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