Millie Love Island: Who is Millie Fuller? Age, relationship, surgery

Millie Love Island: Who is Millie Fuller? Age, relationship, surgery

Millie Fuller was an Islander on Season 1 of Love Island Australia. she entered the villa on Day 1 and was dumped from the island on Day 37. Millie is dressed in highly contemporary and on-trend attire in the Love Island villa. In every episode, she appeared flawless, dressed to the nines in figure-hugging dresses, skirts, and bikinis. Millie previously held a position at a dog daycare facility. Scroll down to learn more about Millie Fuller’s boyfriend, age, surgery, etc. 

How old is Millie Fuller’s love island?

Millie Fuller was born in Sydney, Australia, on November 26, 1993. As of now, she is 29 years old.  Her occupation is Animal Handler. The capital of New South Wales is still home to Millie, born there. Many of her Instagram pictures are taken in recognizable locations across the city, including this one taken in the Dee Why neighborhood in the north.

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What kind of surgery did Love Island’s Millie have?

Since appearing on the show, Millie has enhanced her natural features, including a new smile and rumored lip fillers. She was frequently praised for her innate beauty. The reality personality confessed that she once wore Invisalign braces in several sponsored posts where she discussed how she got whiter teeth.

Fans have been speculating whether she’s had lip fillers as of late because she appears to have a more prominent pout, but it might also be due to the beauty of lip contouring with lip liner!

Who is  Millie Fuller’s love island boyfriend, Mark O’Dare? 

Millie Fuller’s boyfriend: Millie and Mark were seemingly unbreakable after leaving the Love Island Australia villa, doing joint interviews and photo shoots. They even planned to launch their fashion label, Island Couture, by the end of 2018. Unfortunately, these two didn’t work out, and they split in April 2019.

Days following their relationship’s confirmation. Last week, Love Island Australia’s Millie Fuller and Mark O’Dare formally announced their relationship as “boyfriend and girlfriend.”

What did Millie do before Love Island Australia?

Millie previously held a position at a dog daycare facility. Looking through her social media accounts, you can see how much she loves dogs! She has numerous photos of a wide range of canines.

Boss, who tragically passed away a month before Millie arrived at the Love Island house, is shown here. Boss was an adopted dog that had suffered abuse before moving in with Millie’s family, and Millie is a strong supporter of the ethics of adopting dogs rather than buying them.

Millie Fuller with her pet sources Instagram

Millie is still a doggy day worker and even set up her own business, Dog Vlogs. She spends her time advertising beauty products, clothing lines, and teeth whitening. Millie also hangs out with her old Love Island Australia pals, including former partner Justin Lacko.


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