Who are Marianna Mammone parents? family, biography

Who are Marianna Mammone parents? family, biography

Born as Marianna Mammone; professionally known as Big Mama is one of the leading names of the singing world. She is a popular rapper and songwriter from Italy. She started singing at the age of 13.  Her genres are Hip Hop & Pop. Her songs are full of resilience and based on themes like bullying and positivity. Apart from releasing songs, she also took part in several stage shows and events. Recently, she has been a part of Sanremo Music Festival 2024. Let’s get ready to discover the life journey of Marianna Mammone aka Big Mama. Stay with us and know about her family, career and some other interesting facts. Keep scrolling down. 

When and where Big Mama was born? Family & Short bio

The very talented Big Mama was born on 10 March, 2000. Her place of birth was Avelliono, Italy. She holds Italian nationality and was born with the sun sign of Pisces. 

Big Mama grew up in a small village of San Michele Di Serino. Her parents are Angela (mother) and Italo (father). She is not the only child of her parents, one older and two younger. 

Once in an interview Big Mama mentioned:

“I have two parents who never showed us four children even without the shadow of a doubt that they loved each other. And I can’t explain the love I feel for my brothers in words. With my older brother we are even hated, but I would cut off my arm for him, the two little ones are literally my life. The family is my absolute point of reference, which has never wavered”

Growing up with the passion of music, she started composing music at the age of 13. She uploaded her first song on YouTube. Meanwhile, she didn’t take any training to learn music. Her passion and friends’ motivations made her today one of the leading names of the music world. 

Take a look at her professional career: succession & achievements

BigMama made her debut in the music industry by releasing freestyle videos on YouTube, which rapidly garnered public attention. Her participation in the X Factor competition in 2018 and subsequent contract with the Pluggers label firmly established her position in the music industry. 

A popular rapper and songwriter Marianna Mammone
A popular rapper and songwriter Marianna Mammone sources Instagram

The year 2019 was significant as it witnessed the release of the single “Mayday,” which was followed by a strong comeback in 2021 with “TooMuch,” produced by Crookers. This release served as a preview for her debut album titled “Next Big Thing.” This project, enhanced by the inclusion of ensi, and her performance at the May Day Concert in Rome, showcases his fortitude, brilliance, and capacity to turn adversity into art. 

Her musical story, including personal battles and musical achievements, reaches its peak with her involvement in the 2024 Festival of Sanremo, representing her unquestionable acknowledgement in the Italian music scene. 

Big Mama Style of singing and musical themes

Big Mama establishes herself in the Italian rap industry due to her distinctive style and profound subjects that he explores in her songs. With her powerful voice, she addresses subjects such as Bullying, self-love, body acceptance, and female empowerment. 

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This not only makes her music an artistic expression but also a potent social statement. By demonstrating vulnerability and authenticity in her songs, she establishes a powerful connection with the audience. They relate to her words and find her to be a source of guidance and motivation.

Who is Big Mama’s partner? Is she dating anyone in 2024?

The talented singer and rapper, Big MaMa has talked less about her personal life. She has not talked about her partner or affair. It seems, she is currently single and currently focuses on her career.

Right now, she is 23 years old; so at this age her career, profession is everything for her. When you look at her social media posts, she often posts about her musical tour, albums and trip with her friends. She is a bisexual. Talking about her education, she graduated from Polytechnic University, Milan receiving a degree in urban planning. 

Big Mama struggles against Cancer

While Big Mama was a student at the Polytechnic University, At the very moment when her professional life appeared to be flourishing, she underwent several obstacles. She suffered from cancer in 2020. Despite several challenges and obstacles, her determination towards her career didn’t go down.

Her music serves as a vital source of support, enabling her to successfully traverse the challenges of her disease and emerge even stronger than before. 

Big Mama other works

BigMama often engages in social causes and betterment, serving as a spokesperson for campaigns against “Bullying” and in support of “body positivity”. Her dedication goes beyond the realm of art, making it a powerful and important voice in the struggle for acceptance and inclusion. BigMama’s songs and acts provide support and encouragement to individuals who feel hated or misunderstood, conveying a message of hope and courage.


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