How much is “Dark” actor Louis Hofmann net worth? girlfriend, dating

How much is “Dark” actor Louis Hofmann net worth? girlfriend, dating

Louis Hofmann is a German actor. He first came to prominence in 2011’s German drama Tom Sawyer, and in 2015’s Danish drama Land of Mine, he won the Bodil Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of a young German POW. As Jonas in the 2017 German Netflix Original series Dark, he is also well-known. To learn more about Louis Hofmann net worth, girlfriend, dating, and other topics, continue reading.

What is actor Louis Hofmann net worth? What are his most renowned movies?

His salary and net wealth are enormous. The net worth of Louis Hofmann is thought to be around 2.5 million euros. For the nightly show Servicezeit on WDR television, he received his first experience acting in front of the camera. It’s estimated that he makes over $100,000 per year.

Louis Hofmann net worth
Louis Hofmann sources:Instagram

Louis first appeared in 2009’s legal comedy-drama Danni Lowinski and the television series Der Verlorene Vater as a guest actor. For his roles in films and television shows like “Tom Sawyer,” “Sanctuary,” “Land Of Mine,” “Center of My World,” and “Dark,” he has won a number of honors.

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Who is an actor co-star girlfriend? How do they meet? From when they were dating?

Louis Hofmann is a dazzling and attractive actor, and his admirers are interested in learning more about his personal life. He has admitted to having a girlfriend in an interview with the White Lies Magazine, despite the fact that his social media accounts include no indications of who he might be dating.

Louis also admitted that he is not very active on Instagram and occasionally lacks access to his account since he deletes the app after each post and reinstalls it for a new one. However, when he needs to publish something, his fiancée sits next to him because she knows the passwords.

Louis Hofmann girlfriend
Louis Hofmann with his girlfriend sources:Instagram

His girlfriend’s full identity has not yet been made public, though. Louis and his co-star and on-screen girlfriend Lisa Vicari were rumored to be dating back when they were filming the Dark series, but they haven’t acknowledged it. Furthermore, Louis’s girlfriend’s name is currently a secret.

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Gay role 

He played a Gay role in the romantic drama film ‘Center of My Mind’ in 2016. The movie was based on the best- selling novel ‘The Center of the World’ by Andreas Steinhofel. 

He played the role of a 17 years old boy named Phil and in that movie, he fell in love with his classmate Nicholas at first sight. 

His fans appreciated his role in that movie. That movie was nominate for several prestigious awards and has won 15 awards and played in numerous film festivals all over the world.

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A short biography: Louis Hofmann age, height, parents, siblings, ethnicity

Actor Louis Hofmann is a German citizen. He was born on June 3, 1997, in Bergisch Gladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia. His parents are Shefna and Marov Hofmann. Together with his brother Kevin Hofmann, he was raised in Cologne. In terms of height, Louis Hofmann is 5 feet 7 inches tall, or roughly 170 cm or 1.70 m. Louis Hofmann was born on June 3rd, making Gemini his zodiac sign.

Louis began acting at a young age and made his acting debut at the age of nine. His parents always supported him, but they had reservations about his desire to pursue a career in movies.

He and his parents spent a lot of time talking as he was growing up about whether he should pursue a career as an actor, a psychologist, or something else different. Additionally, his parents warned him about the dangers and never supported his work in any manner, so he always felt free to act and take a different course of action. However, he understood that acting was his one and only passion when he was 18 years old.


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