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Who is Lisa McClain’s husband Michael? Children

Lisa McClain is an American politician. She currently serves as the U.S. representative for Michigan’s 9th congressional district. She is a member of the Republican Party. McClain spent over 30 years in the business world before entering politics. McClain was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2020, representing Michigan’s 10th congressional district. On January 18th Rep. McClain co-sponsored the Women’s Right to Know Act, aiming to increase transparency in abortion clinics. Apart from her professional life, she is a married woman. To know more about her romantic life, husband, family, children, ethnicity, scroll down.

Who is Lisa McClain’s husband Michael? When was she married?

Lisa McClain's with her husband Michael
Lisa McClain’s with her husband Michael sources Instagram

She is a happily married woman and mother of kids. Lisa McClain’s husband is Michael. According to publicly available information, they have been married for nearly 20 years. The couple is blessed with four children together. They are Barak, Mitchell, Riley and Ryan. However, She has occasionally talked about their husband and children.

 Lisa McClain family
Lisa McClain family sources Instagram

 On June 20, 2021, She shared her family photo along with the caption: Thank you, Mike, for all you have taught our children! I’m grateful to stand by your side and watch the love you have for Barak, Mitchell, Riley and Ryan. We may be empty nesters soon, but you will always be their Dad!

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The couple  live in Romeo, an outer northern suburb of Detroit. She is actively involved in her community, including coaching her daughter’s softball team. She stays silent on any more information regarding their private lives, though.

Lisa McClain children: who are her daughters? 

The couple is blessed with four children together. They are Barak, Mitchell, Riley and Ryan. The pair have two daughters named Riley and Ryan. Their sons are Mitchell and Barak.

However, Lisa McClain chooses to share certain personal facts about her family, such as the names and pictures of her children. She chooses to keep certain details about her family hidden, though. 

Lisa McClain with her spouse and daughter
Lisa McClain with her spouse and daughter sources Instagram

On May 23, 2021,She shared a photo with her husband and daughter. She wrote the caption: Congratulations to our daughter, Ryan, on her graduation! I’m not sure we’re ready to be empty nesters, but she is Alabama bound!

It is commonly known, however, that Lisa McClain is the mother of two daughters. She has mentioned Riley and Ryan’s names in interviews and on social media. She has occasionally talked about them as well. However, she avoids sharing any further details about their personal lives.

On mother’s day, her children shared a video with a sweet caption: Hi Everyone! This is Ryan, Riley, Barak and Mitchell. Lisa McClain is our mom. We wanted to tell you why we think she is an incredible mom, tell her we love her and wish her a very Happy Mother’s Day! 

How much is Lisa McClain net worth and earnings? How does she make money?

Before entering politics, she was a successful businesswoman, however information about her profits is limited. Her congressional salary of $174,000 per year as a U.S. Representative is disclosed to the public.

Lisa McClain with her awards
Lisa McClain with her awards sources Instagram

She is a U.S. Representative now, and her job as a businessman has contributed to her net worth, which is probably in the hundreds of thousands or possibly millions of dollars. She has raised over $1 million for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. 

As far as we know, McClain served the Hantz Group from 1998 to 2019 and worked for American Express for 11 years. mentions that she owns shares in the Hantz Group but doesn’t say how much it is worth or what dividends it might yield. Though the precise amount is unknown, owning stock in Hantz Group probably brings in some money.

Lisa McClain family: Who are her parents? Siblings

Family members are essential in everyone’s life, as we all know. In a family, every single member plays a specific role. Everyone supports one another’s family members’ achievements in life. Of all of them, parents play the most crucial role in helping their kids succeed by being there for them at every turn.

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Lisa McClain family
Lisa McClain family sources Instagram

On July 5, 2021, Lisa McClain shared a photo with her family along with the caption: I enjoyed spending time with my family during this holiday weekend.

Regarding her parents and siblings, there isn’t any publicly available information. Lisa McClain seems to prefer to keep her family life private, and that’s perfectly understandable. She wants to maintain some privacy in her personal life.

Lisa McClain biography/wiki: age, education, ethnicity, and nationality

She is a Roman Catholic. She holds an American nationality. As of now, she is 57 years old. Lisa McClain was born on April 7, 1966, in Stockbridge, Michigan.

She graduated from Stockbridge Junior / Senior High School in 1984. She attended Lansing Community College and earned her Bachelor of Business Administration from Northwood University. McClain worked at American Express for 11 years, and from 1998 to 2019, served the Hantz Group.


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