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Laysla de Oliveira Partner, Boyfriend, Relationship

Laysla de Oliveira is a famous Canadian star best recognized for her position as Dodge in the “Locke & Key” TV show of romance and terror. In the TV movie “Gone Baby Gone,” she earned viewers as Grace Cole. In 2018, in the drama film “Acquainted,” she depicted the breakthrough part as Emma against Giacomo Gianniotti and as Travis’ ex-girlfriend Becky in the series “The Tall Grass” In the Maggie Elizabeth Jones featured family movie “Lea to the Rescue,” published on May 31, 2016, she also featured as Paula Ferreira. She recently performed Sibila’s co-supporting part in the “Needle in a Timestack” science fiction film.

Who is the boyfriend of Laysla?

The partner of Laysla de Oliveira is Jonathan Keltz. In 2014, they began dating. In the past, Laysla had at least two relationships. There was no previous involvement with Laysla de Oliveira. She started loving the star of the reign Jonathan Keltz. She is also near to Adelaide Kane’s colleagues and was rumored as the boyfriend of laysla and which is not true.


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