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Who is Kang Na-ra, the first North Korean youtuber? How did she escape from North Korea?

Kang Na-ra (강나라), who is now 25 years old, is one of many who undertook the perilous journey, which included the possibility of being trafficked in China’s sex trade or of being apprehended and returned to North Korea, where defectors faced torture, incarceration, and even death. In 2014, Kang, then a teenager, decamped with her mother, who had already done so. She is the first youtuber from North Korea. Scroll down to know more about Kang Na-ra wiki, earnings and more:

Who is Kang Na-ra, the first North Korean youtuber?

Kang Na-ra wiki: Kang Na-ra is the name of the straggler, who was born on July 9, 1997 in Korea, South Korea. Gorgeous lady Kang is 1.59 m tall. She admits that her birth mother had initially defected when she was overseas. Once, Kang Na-ra birth mother called to ask whether she would like to move to South Korea as well. Although Kang Na-ra was hesitant at first, she ultimately chose to accept the offer.

Kang Na-ra journey to South Korea was a very taxing one in which she had to go to numerous locations and cross rivers. She was terrified the entire time she was traveling because soldiers were continually glancing at her with their lights.

Kang Na-ra wiki
Kang Na-ra taking selfie with her phone sources:Instagram

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How did a you-tube star escape from North Korea?

Kang Nara also admits that she misses her North Korean relatives and colleagues. She cries as she considers how she can no longer spend time with her North Korean family. Additionally, Kang Nara stays in touch with her family in North Korea. Her family is quite safe because it is nearly impossible to locate all the family members of people who have defected from North Korea due to the high number of North Koreans who have done so.

She is one of a growing number of North Koreans who escaped to South Korea and went on to pursue what might seem improbable professions as YouTube’s and social media influencers. Kang fled to the South in 2014 as a teenager, joining her mother who had already defected.

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In the previous ten years, dozens have taken a similar route, providing a unique look into life in the hermit kingdom through their recordings and accounts. These movies and accounts show the food, terminology, and everyday routines of North Koreans. 

How much does a North Korean personality know from her social media presence? Earnings

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As a famous youtuber, Kang talent and hard work have garnered her a lot of money and fame. The gorgeous youtuber has also accumulated a sizable wealth, which includes social media presence as well as endorsements and partnerships. Kang Na-ra net worth is estimated at more than $1 million, which she acquired through her career. She is a talented lady who is giving it her all.

Kang has amassed more than 351K subscribers on YouTube as of 2022. Millions of people have watched her most well-liked videos. With more than 130K followers, her Instagram account offers sponsored posts from well-known brands like Chanel and Puma.


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