How much is the African footballer Kaizer Motaung net worth? Wife

How much is the African footballer Kaizer Motaung net worth? Wife

Kaizer Chiefs owner Kaizer Motaung is a retired South African footballer. He is also one of the founding members of the South African Premier League (PSL). After scoring 16 goals in 15 games, he was named Rookie of the Year. Kaizer Motaung is a footballer who also has other assets and enterprises through which he makes money. Continue reading to learn more about Kaizer Motaung net worth, earnings, income, relationship, and wife.

How much is Kaizer Motaung net worth? Is he a millionaire?

Kaizer Motaung is one of the wealthiest PSL team owners, with a net worth of $60 million (R869 million in South African Rand). He is the founder of Kaizer Chiefs Football Club and a former South African association football player. Kaizer Motaung is a footballer who also has other assets and enterprises through which he makes money. His fame stemmed not only from his achievements on the international scene, but also from his role as one of the founding fathers of South African football. Kaizer Motaung net worth.

Kaizer Motaung net worth
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Before retiring from active participation in football games, the football legend established a global sensation by impressing millions of fans with his prolific finishing and work ethic. Let’s take a look at all of his sources of income and how he accumulated his fortune. Meanwhile, Kaizer reportedly offered $1 million to stay with the Atlanta Chiefs, but he turned it down in favor of returning to South Africa to form his own team.

Kaizer Motaung Owns Stake At Kaizer Chiefs

Kaizer Chiefs has been the only owner of the club from its foundation, but he lost control of roughly 40% of his interest in 1999, when Primedia, a television and entertainment company, reportedly paid R40 million for the team. However, this did not last long as Kaizer regained control of his club, which he reportedly paid R70 million to reclaim. Whatever the case may be, the club is the most well-known source of Kaizer Motaung’s wealth.

Kaizer Motaung Multiple Sources of Income and investments

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While it is clear that Kaizer Chiefs is the source of the majority of his riches, the South African billionaire has pursued a variety of other commercial ventures in which he has carved a niche for himself. According to sources, Kaizer Chiefs is worth an estimated R1 billion, and Kaizer Motaung has a stake in more than 30 businesses, 14 of which are still operational.

In 1997, he established Kaimot Investment, an asset management firm, as one of his lucrative enterprises. The firm, which provides arrangements for corporate, institutional, and individual financial assets, presently employs over 34 people and generates over $4.9 million per year, or R71.8 million.

Who is his wife? How many children does he have?

Kaizer met his wife Valeta while he was a child. Together, he and Valeta have five children. Bobby, Jessica, Thabo, Kaizer Jr., and Kemiso are the children. Due to social media posts, Kemiso and Bobby have a strained connection. Bobby went on the record and chastised Kemiso for making derogatory comments about her brother on Facebook. Thabo, his first son, died at the age of 43 following a battle with meningitis when he was 20 years old. Tyler Thys Motaung is the son of his son Kaizer Jr.

Kaizer Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued a career in football. Jessica, his daughter, is the Kaizer Chiefs’ communications and marketing manager. Despite this, relations between Kaizer Jr and Kaizer Snr are strained. Kaizer Jr attracts a lot of attention on social media. He has accused his German wife of physical violence and is rumored to be a drug addict.


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