Juan Joya Borja net worth, Died: Spanish comedian Juan (El Risitas) died

Juan Joya Borja net worth, Died: Spanish comedian Juan (El Risitas) died

The popularly called ‘The Risitas’ comedian Juan Joya Borja died in Seville. The actor and comedian was 65 years old and reportedly had a long illness. In 2020, he was admitted to the hospital. Thanks to a series of reports from a TV interview in June 2007, the show “Ratones coloraos” by Jesús Quintero got widespread success in 2015. What was Juan Joya Borja net worth before he died?

Juan Joya Borja wiki

Everybody recognized him as ‘Giggles’ and he was one of television’s most charismatic and beloved figures. And Jesús Quintero owed it all. He started to become popular with El pepito in 2000 and won the audience with simple laughter on iconic programs like ‘El vagamundo’ or ‘Ratones coloraos.’ He gave him huge popularity with his laughter, jokes – almost always negative – and his particular way of speaking. But one of his slogans above all. When there was no Twitter, the popular ‘cuñaoooooooo’ was viral. After he had disappeared on the TV, he went to Punta Umbría, Huelva, to say jokes in one of the bars most popular with foreigners and tourists.

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What is the Juan Joya Borja net worth (‘El Risitas)? How did he become famous? Family

Borja was born in Seville, Spain, on 5 April 1956. He has worked many odd jobs in his life such as cooking and discharging cement. Juan Joya Borja net worth was almost one million dollars. He made it out of television shows due to his ill health from a few years ago. There are no details about his wife, children, and other members of his family when we speak about his family.

Juan Joya Borja net worth

Throughout his life, he had many jobs including cooking and unloading cement bags. His first appearance on TV was in the year 2000, in the show El Vagamundo in Jesús Quintero, in which he interviewed his partner El Peíto or El Cuñao in a comedic tone about different life circumstances. It has been recognizable for its wheezing laughter (described in The Guardian as a “20-a-day dolphin”) that led to its “El Risitas” surname (“Mr. Giggles” in English). In the 2005 film “Torrente 3: El protector” he also appeared. When around 2015 he became established globally, he also performed in a Finnish business for companies outside Spain.

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Poor health of Juan Borja, Died on Wednesday, April 28, 2021

After a myocardial infarction, he died in Seville on Wednesday. He was just 65 years old. It’s been April 5. He was admitted to Juan Joya Borja’s hospital of charity in the capital city of Andalusia, first and then to the University Hospital of Virgen del Rocío in which he died. In January 2021 his health issues were reported by the press and it was published that it was recognized with a complex clinical picture, alone, without resources and.

In September 2020, when he was 64, after leaving Juan Ramón Jiménez de Huelva, he “was admitted to the Hospital de la Caridad where a vascular condition leads to amputating one of his legs.” This hospital, run by the Santa Caridad de Seville Brotherhood, has offered centuries of accommodation for the sick elderly in the hospital, without support or family members who can take care of them.

Facts of Juan Joya Borja

Full Real NameJuan Joya Borja
Birthday5 April 1956
Age (as of 2021)65
Place of BirthSeville, Spain
ProfessionActor and Comedian
Net worth$1 million
Zodiac SignGemini
Height 1.625 m
Weight 121.12 lbs

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