Nobel prize winner Jon Fosse Married for thrice, and is the father of Six

Nobel prize winner Jon Fosse Married for thrice, and is the father of Six

Jon Olav Fosse has been given the 2023 Nobel Prize for Literature in recognition of “his innovative plays and prose which give voice to the unsayable,” the Swedish Academy said on Thursday in Stockholm. The committee praised the author’s aesthetic, which has become known as “Fosse minimalism.” The 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature was given to French author Annie Ernaux for her “uncompromising” 50-year body of work that explored “a life marked by great disparities regarding gender, language, and class,” according to the panel. Ernaux, the first French woman to receive the literary award, told reporters that she felt obligated to “continue the fight against injustice” as a result of her victory.”. And no doubt he is a married man with kids. Let’s have a read on Jon Fosse’s personal life.

Original NameJon Olav Fosse
Born29 September 1959
FatherKristoffer Fosse
MotherWigdis Nanna Erland
WivesAnna Fosse, Bjrg Sissel & Grethe Fatima Syéd
EducationGeneral literature, University of Bergen

Who is 2023 Literature Nobel Prize winner Jon Fosse?

The Nobel Prize in literature was awarded on Thursday to a dramatist who is also a writer, essayist, poet, and children’s author.

About 50 other languages have versions of his writings. His Norwegian publisher Samlaget claims that his plays have been performed more than a thousand times all over the world.

He made his breakthrough in 1983 with the time-traveling novel “Red, Black” after studying literature.

When Fosse was having trouble with his writing career in 1990, he was requested to write the first scene of a play.

“It was the first time I had ever tried my hand at this kind of work, and it was the biggest surprise of my life as a writer. I knew, I felt, that this kind of writing was made for me,” he once said in an interview with a French theatre website.

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Who were Jon’s parents and how he grew up?

Jon Olav Fosse was raised at Strandebarm in the Hordaland (now Vestland) municipality of Kvam after being born in Haugesund, Rogaland. He received his cand. philol. with a major in general literature after attending the University of Bergen. He has held positions at the Writing Academy in Hordaland as a teacher, literary consultant, and journalist.

Fosse currently resides in the state’s honorary mansion in Oslo, Grotten, as well as in Hainburg, Austria, and Frekhaug, close to Bergen. Fosse joined the Catholic Church in 2013.

 Jon’s parents were a business lovers. His father Kristoffer Fosse was a Commercial director and his mother Wigdis Nanna Erland was a fruit grower.

His father died on last year, means in 2022 and no reason were given. And, mother Nanna is still alive with Jon.

Jon Fosse’s Three Wives and Six children

No doubt Fosse is a married man. Jon married thrice in his life time, and with all of them he is the father of Six kids. But here is a not good news for him. No child deserves a drunkard father. And the goo news is, he left over his drinking habits and after he was hospitalized for drink poisoning.

Three marriages have taken place for Fosse. From 1980 to 1992, he was married to Bjrg Sissel, a nurse born in 1959, with whom he had a son. He married Grethe Fatima Syéd, an Indian-Norwegian translator and author, the following year; however, they later divorced.

Fosse spends a portion of his time in Hainburg a der Donau, Austria, with his third wife, Anna, a Slovak woman whom he married in 2011. He also has two additional residences in other areas in western Norway, one in Bergen. Jon Fosse used to be a part of the Church of Norway, despite declaring himself an atheist prior to 2012. He joined the Catholic Church in 2012–2013 and willingly checked himself into rehab to address his ongoing drinking problems.