The “Squid Game” actress HoYeon Jung wiki, family and net worth

The “Squid Game” actress HoYeon Jung wiki, family and net worth

HoYeon Jung, also known by her Korean name, is a South Korean model and actor. After making her acting debut in Squid Game, HoYeon has recently gained media attention. She was dubbed “Korea’s Next Top Model” by Vogue, and also appeared in the fourth season of the show that bears her name (where she was placed second). named her one of the “Top 50” fashion models in the world. So, who is HoYeon Jung and who are her siblings? How was her audition for Squid Game? Who is HoYeon Jung boyfriend? Let’s know everything about Kang Sae Byeok aka HoYeon Jung.

HoYeon Jung wiki: early life, parents, education, sibling(위키)

According to Hoyeon Jung, She works as a fashion model and actress. She was born in South Korea on June 23, 1994, and she is a South Korean citizen. Her age as of 2021 is 27 years old, and as far as we know, she is one of top 50 fashion models. She began modeling at the age of 16. Jung grew up with two siblings, whose names and occupations have yet to be revealed.

Hoyeon Jung early life
Hoyeon Jung is with her beautiful smile Source: Instagram

Jung graduate from Dongduk Women’s University and appears to be well-educate, as she has participate in the Netflix series Squid Game with remarkable competence and is majoring in modeling. Since 2016, Jung has been in a relationship with actor Lee Dong-hwi. Her parents’ names are unknown because she has not yet revealed her family history. Jung is 1.76 meters tall. There is no any information about her family members till now. We will update if anything we will get via the internet.

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she was 16 years old when start her professional career

Jung recognized for her fiery demeanor and flame-red hair early in her career. She began modeling at the age of sixteen. Jung established herself in Seoul Fashion Week without an agent before signing with ESteem Models and appearing on Korea’s Next Top Model for public recognition.

She featured in magazines such as Vogue Girl Korea, Nylon Korea, and ELLE Wedding after winning Korea’s Next Top Model.

Hoyeon Jung career
Hoyeon Jung is in the shoot Squid Game Source: Instagram

She has modeled for Sephora’s “Let’s Beauty Together” campaign, as well as Chanel, Gap, Inc., Hermès, and Louis Vuitton. She named a “Top Newcomer” and “Model of the Year” nominee by in 2017. Jung has signed with Saram Entertainment as an actor, according to a press release dated January 13, 2020. In the year 2021, she made her acting debut in the Netflix series Squid Game.

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Who is Jung Hoyeon boyfriend? Is she dating?

Hoyeon Jung is in a relationship with Lee Dong Hwi and unmarried. Lee Dong-Hwi is a South Korean actor who has appeared in a number of films. who is nine years her senior, was revealed in January 2016. They had been dating for months, according to Soompi.

He rose to prominence after starring in the famous television series Reply 1988 (2015–2016). Lee starred in Extreme Job (2019), the second highest-grossing South Korean film in history, after a succession of supporting parts in box-office hits The Handmaiden (2016), Confidential Assignment (2017), and New Trial (2017).

The couple isn’t marry and not planned to get married yet. Likewise, there is no indication that they will marry anytime soon. Unlike other celebrity couples, they have kept their personal lives secret despite their relationship announcement. Nonetheless, his look in Jong Ho Yeon’s style has been document in public. According to speculations, the couple met because they both have a passion for fashion. As she shares romantic photos with her partner, it appears that their relationship will endure a long time and that they will marry as soon as feasible.

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What is Jung HoYeon net worth? How much she earns now?

HoYeon Jung’s net worth is estimate to be $2 millions. Her major career as a model has brought her a great deal of cash. Jung has appeared on the covers of Vogue Japan, Vogue Korea, W Korea, and Harper’s Bazaar Korea, as well as editorials for Vogue, British Vogue, Dazed, Love magazine, CR Fashion Book, and Into the Gloss, all of which have contributed to her rising net worth. She named a “Top Newcomer” and “Model of the Year” nominee by in 2017.

Hoyeon Jung net worth
Hoyeon Jung is with her beautiful phone Source: Instagram

How HoYeon Jung Prepared for Her Role as Kang Sae Byeok? How was her audition?

When HoYeon Jung received word of a probable audition for Squid Game, she was preoccupied with New York Fashion Week. HoYeon Jung had a great career as a professional model before her breakout performance as Kang Sae Byeok in Squid Game.

She began her modeling career at the age of 16 and was the runner-up in Season 4 of Korea’s Next Top Model before signing with Louis Vuitton.

“However, by February, a group chat including our CEO was created, and he gave me the Squid Game script and told me to film and send in an audition video. I was in New York for New York Fashion Week at the time!”

Hoyeon jung

HoYeon Jung has reaped the benefits of Squid Game’s massive success on Netflix, but it turns out that she was terrified when filming one particular scene. For the actor, the fifth game, in which participants must leap across a bridge made of tempered or ordinary glass panes high above the ground, was “really horrifying.”

Who is Kang sae Byeok brother and what happened to him?

We don’t know a lot about her personality or character in the Squid Game. As we know she’s from the north, and that she and her brother are the only remaining members of her family, and that her brother is separated from her and residing in an orphanage. We know she had a relationship with gangster Jang Deok-su on a personal and/or professional level.

Kang sae Byeok brother
Kang sae Byeok from Squid Game

We also know why she’s playing the game: she wants to get her brother out of the orphanage and improve their life as a family.To get the prize money, she, like everyone else, will have to win all six games. However, it is how she plays these games that reveals the most about her.


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