Who is South African star Hildah Magaia partner? parents, family, brother

Who is South African star Hildah Magaia partner? parents, family, brother

Hildah Tholakele Magaia is a South African soccer player who plays as a striker for South Korea WK League club Sejong Sportstoto WFC and the South Africa women’s national team. On February 14, 2023, Hildah Magaia signed a new deal with Sejong Sportstoto WFC of the WK League in South Korea. From 2021 to 2022, she had previously played for the Swedish team Morön BK. The agreement has a two-year term with a third-year option. For the 2023 WK League season, Magaia will join Sejong Sportstoto WFC. The most recent information on Hildah Magaia is that on July 23, 2023, in the group stage loss to Sweden, 1-2, she scored her first goal in a FIFA Women’s World Cup game. She suffered an injury while scoring the goal, but she was still able to play. In this article, we delve into the many facets of Hildah Magaia partner, parents, FIFA 23, brother and many more.

Who is Hildah Magaia partner? Is she dating anyone? If yes, who is he?

 Hildah Magaia partner: Hildah Magaia has the potential to win over a lot of people. It’s no secret that she prefers her love life over her sporting career, despite the fact that she rarely discusses it. She simply does not have the time to meet men and go on dates. As a result of her frequent travels, she frequently participates in tournaments. She frequently spends her spare time with her loved ones and other closest close friends. On NOVEMBER 14, 2022 she shared a photo with her friends with the caption: Beautiful event with beautiful people. Got to meet the Queen 😊🤩tagged along with the one and only 💄

Hildah is not openly dating anyone as of August 2023. In recent years, she hasn’t been connected to any particular person. It’s also possible that she is seeing someone who isn’t a football player and that she wishes to keep their relationship private. She keeps the details of her relationships highly secret and does not talk much about her personal life. Magaia stated that she is not dating anyone right now and is instead concentrating on her career. As seen in her instagram photo it seems like apart from her professional life she is spending time with their family and close friends. On her vacation she travels to a new place with their friends.

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When and where was South African Hildah Magaia born? Who are Hildah Magaia parents? nationality

Magaia is a gifted and adaptable attacker with a wide range of goal-scoring options. She is also a physically strong player who is challenging to defend against. Hildah Tholakele Magaia was born on December 16, 1994 in Dennilton, South Africa. As of now, she is 28 years old. She holds South African nationality.

Hildah Magaia with her mother
Hildah Magaia with her mother sources Instagram

Hildah Magaia’s parents are Christina Mnguni and the late Tholakele Magaia. Her father passed away in 2018. Hildah’s mother, Christina, is a strong supporter of her daughter’s career. She has been to many of Hildah’s games and she is always there to cheer her on. Christina is also a single mother, and she has raised Hildah and her two siblings on her own. Hildah is very close to her mother, and she credits her for her success in football.

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Who are South African Hildah Magaia siblings? When and where were her siblings born? 

Hildah Magaia is the oldest of the three siblings. Hildah Magaia has two siblings: a brother named Tholakele Magaia Jr. and a sister named Nomvula Magaia.Tholakele Magaia Jr. was born on March 8, 1997 in Dennilton, South Africa. Nomvula Magaia was born on May 20, 2000 in Dennilton, South Africa. Tholakele Magaia Jr. is also a soccer player, and he plays for the South African club TS Galaxy. He is a few years younger than Hildah, and he is following in her footsteps.

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Although Nomvula Magaia does not play soccer, she is a strong supporter of her sister’s professional endeavors. She is always there to support her and she is happy with all that she has accomplished. Her siblings and Hildah are very close and supportive of one another. They are a close-knit family who support one another constantly.

How did Hildah Magaia perform in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup?

At the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023, Hildah Magaia did well. She scored two goals throughout the competition, one in a match against Sweden during the group stage and one in a match against Norway during the knockout stage. She also had a number of other scoring opportunities, and she posed a persistent threat to the defense of the opposition.

Magaia played a significant role in South Africa’s ability to qualify for the competition. In the African qualification competition, she scored four goals, including a hat-trick against Nigeria. Magaia is one of South African football’s most promising young players and had a solid tournament overall. In the upcoming years, she will strive to maintain her strong performance.

Here are some of Hildah Magaia’s stats from the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup:

  • Appearances: 6
  • Goals: 2
  • Assists: 0
  • Shots: 12
  • Shots on target: 5
  • Chances created: 6
  • Dribbles completed: 10
  • Fouls won: 10

Magaia was one of South Africa’s most dangerous players in the tournament, and she was a key part of their attack. She is a talented striker who is capable of scoring goals in a variety of ways. She is also a strong and physical player who is difficult to defend against. Magaia is a rising star in women’s football, and she is sure to achieve great things in the years to come.


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