Who is Gianluca Busio, USMNT Footballer, Net Worth, Salary, Girlfriend, Biography

Who is Gianluca Busio, USMNT Footballer, Net Worth, Salary, Girlfriend, Biography

Gianluca Busio, a rising star in the world of soccer, has made significant strides in his career, from his beginnings in North Carolina to his current position with Venezia and the United States national team.

Early Life and Background: Greensboro Roots and Family Heritage

Born on May 28, 2002, in Greensboro, North Carolina, Gianluca Busio’s passion for soccer was evident from a young age. Growing up in a multicultural family, with an Italian father from Brescia and an African American mother, Busio was immersed in a rich blend of cultures.

This diverse heritage not only shaped his personal identity but also influenced his approach to soccer. His family, especially his older brother Matteo, who plays soccer at UNC-Charlotte, played a crucial role in his early development as an athlete, instilling a deep love for the game.

Beginning of Soccer Career: Joining Sporting Kansas City Academy

Busio’s journey in professional soccer began in earnest when he joined the Sporting Kansas City academy in 2016. This move, coming after his time with North Carolina Fusion, marked a significant step in his career. At the academy, Busio honed his skills and showcased his potential, quickly rising through the ranks and drawing attention for his exceptional play on the field.

Major League Soccer Breakthrough: Signing With Sporting Kansas City

On August 25, 2017, Busio’s burgeoning soccer career hit a milestone when he signed a Homegrown Player contract with Sporting Kansas City. This signing was historical, as he became the youngest player to sign with a Major League Soccer club since Freddy Adu joined D.C. United in 2004. This achievement was a testament to Busio’s talent and potential in the sport.

Professional Debut and MLS Milestones

Busio made his professional debut on April 4, 2018, playing for Sporting Kansas City’s United Soccer League affiliate side, Swope Park Rangers, in a 1–0 win over Colorado Springs Switchbacks. He quickly ascended to the Major League Soccer stage, making his first appearance for Sporting Kansas City on July 28 as a substitute in the 77th minute in a 3-2 loss against FC Dallas.

His first league start came a week later against the Houston Dynamo, where he also provided his first career assist. He became the third-youngest player to start a game in Major League Soccer history.

Record Transfer to Serie A: Joining Venezia

On August 9, 2021, Busio took a significant step in his career by moving to Serie A side Venezia for a club-record transfer fee of $6.5 million, potentially rising to $10.5 million with add-ons.

This move marked his transition to European football and highlighted his growing reputation in the soccer world. His debut for Venezia came on August 27 in a 3-0 loss against Udinese. Busio scored his first Serie A goal, a last-minute equalizer, in a 1–1 draw against Cagliari on October 1.

The Serie B Challenge

Busio has experience with Venezia in both Serie A and Serie B, as the team was relegated in the 2021-22 season. The 21-year-old has been in the Serie B in two of his three years at Venezia, but he embraces the competitive nature it has. He finds Serie B more challenging than Serie A.

Every game is a dogfight

,” Busio explained in a Zoom call in June. “They’re playing for their lives out there. It shows more in the second division than even in the first division. You can tell that guys are trying to fight for promotion and also trying to stay in division. It’s really competitive.

Individuals aren’t going to win the league, it’s going to be whoever has the best team, whoever plays as a group is going to win. That shows every game. If it’s the best team in the league, or the worst team in the league, it’s always going to be a fight. There’s no there’s no clear game, there’s no easy win. It’s always a battle.

This season Busio has scored two goals in 13 Serie B games (12 starts), proving his worth to Venezia. His Serie B performances have kept Busio in contention for a spot in Copa América 2024 and the 2024 Paris Olympics rosters. It’s worth noting that BetMGM North Carolina will have odds for the Copa América in 2024.

International Career: Representing the United States

Busio’s talent on the field did not go unnoticed at the international level. In October 2019, he was named to the United States squad for the FIFA U-17 World Cup. His senior national team debut came in July 2021 during the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Busio’s inclusion in the 2023 CONCACAF Gold Cup roster and his goal against Trinidad and Tobago in his home state of North Carolina further cemented his status as a key player for the national team.

Under-23 National Team Call-Up

On October 8, Busio received a call-up to the United States under-23 national team ahead of their friendlies against Mexico and Japan. This selection reflects his growing importance in the national team setup and his potential to be a cornerstone for the team in future international competitions.

Personal Life and Citizenship: Italian Heritage and Family

Apart from his career, Busio’s personal life, particularly his Italian heritage through his Brescia-born father, is notable. Holding dual citizenship, he embodies a blend of American and Italian cultures. His family, including his older sister Ilaria and his brother Matteo, remains a significant influence in his life, with Matteo being his biggest inspiration.

Financial Aspects and Net Worth: Estimated Wealth and Earnings

Gianluca Busio‘s success on the field has also translated into financial rewards. With an estimated net worth of $5 million, Busio’s career in both the MLS and Serie A has been financially fruitful. His transfer to Venezia, in particular, represents a significant financial milestone in his career.

Personal Relationships and Privacy: Focus on Career Over Romance

While Busio’s professional life is well-known, he maintains a private personal life. Currently single, he has chosen not to divulge details about a possible girlfriend, focusing instead on his soccer career. His decision to keep his personal life out of the public eye is a reflection of his commitment to his profession and his desire to focus on his growth as a soccer player.


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