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What Led to Felix Zwayer’s Six-Month Ban? Net worth

German football referee Felix Zwayer is located in Berlin. For the Berlin Football Association’s SC Charlottenburg, he officiates games. In addition to being listed in the UEFA elite division, he officiates FIFA matches. Felix Zwayer, a German referee with a contentious background, will supervise England’s Euro 2024 semi-final matchup against the Netherlands. He accepted a €300 payment from another official in 2005, which led to his involvement in a match-fixing scandal and a six-month ban.

Why did Felix Zwayer get a six-month ban for his post?

German football referee Felix Zwayer was accused of accepting a watch from a sponsor at a training camp, which resulted in a six-month ban from officiating Bundesliga matches in 2005.

FIFA World Cup referee Felix Zwayer
FIFA World Cup referee Felix Zwayer sources

Zwayer was the subject of an inquiry for the 2005 match fixing by then-referee Robert Hoyzer between Werder Bremen B and Wuppertal. However, a DFB investigation found that Zwayer had taken a payment of €300 (324.57 USD) from Hoyzer. After an inquiry, Zwayer was found not guilty but was suspended from football for six months, while Hoyzer received a lifelong ban.

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This event brought up issues with possible conflicts of interest and the necessity of maintaining referee impartiality. The German Football Association (DFB) enforced the ban as a disciplinary measure to protect the integrity of officiating standards and guarantee fair play in football games.

How much is Felix Zwayer’s net worth? How does he make his money?

The German football referee Felix Zwayer is thought to be valued between $1 and $2 million. The main source of his fortune is his profession as a referee. Zwayer officiates high-profile games despite a contentious record that includes a match-fixing incident from 2005. Most recently, he officiated the UEFA Euro 2024 quarterfinal between England and the Netherlands. He also works in Berlin as a real estate broker.

German football referee Felix Zwayer officiates both international and Bundesliga games. Referees are usually compensated for their work by officiating games; the type of games they officiate—domestic leagues, international tournaments, and FIFA World Cups—determines how much money they make.

 For their services in a variety of football-related duties, referees are also paid. Nevertheless, they frequently withhold specifics regarding their net worth from the public.

Zwayer: Officiating the England-Netherlands Match

Felix Zwayer officiated the England-Netherlands match in the UEFA Nations League on June 6, 2019. In this capacity, he served as the referee for the match, overseeing the game’s adherence to the rules and ensuring fair play between the two national teams.

The German coach of the highly anticipated match between England and the Netherlands on Wednesday comes from a dubious history. Zwayer was investigated for manipulating the 2005 Werder Bremen B-Wuppertal match by then-referee Robert Hoyzer. 

Zwayer received €300 (324.57 USD) from Hoyzer, according to a DFB inquiry. The inquiry found Zwayer not guilty but barred him from football for six months, while Hoyzer was banned for life.

Later, during a high-profile run-in in 2021, Jude Bellingham of England said the referee was “a referee that has match-fixed before.” This comment put the referee in the public eye. The English footballer, who played for Dortmund, commented before the Bundesliga match between Dortmund and their bitter rivals, Bayern Munich.

Zwayer has been a member of FIFA’s elite panel since 2012, and both FIFA and UEFA have maintained full trust in him despite the accusations of match-fixing.