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Emmett Carnahan Net Worth, Bio, Career, family

American Actor Emmett Carnahan known for Tales from the Rabbit Hole: A Curious Kitsch Novel in 2020, Thursday’s Child and Everything I Ever Wanted to Tell My Daughter About Men. 23 years old actor Emmet Carnahan rose to standing as a luminary child of an American writer, producer and director, Matthew. What is Emmett Carnahan net worth? How much does he earn in his acting career?

What is the Emmett Carnahan net worth?

Emmett Carnahan net worth is $1 Million as per current date. Whereas in 2018, it was around $350k. In 2019, it was around $600k. With no surprise that Emmett, son of Hollywood actor Matthew is a rising and hardworking actor. He himself built his fame in acting as well his father is an elite artist.

Emmett Carnahan future planing source: Celebrities InfoSeeMedia

If we drop our eyes to his career it seems he might have around above $1 million as of 2021. He is also known as the son of Matthew who is American producer, writer and director. His father has clinched an enormous amount of dollars to provide him a lavish life. 

Just he is in his twenties so his income might be hefty with his hard working and dedication later in the future. Beside, in 2018 he started his career, The Miracles Seasons and House of Lies was his first drama series. Also in 2019, he contracted the film, Tales Rabbit Hole: A Curious Kitsch Novel. Moreover in the same year, Emmet worked in drama Thursday’s Child  as the role of Ben

Emmett’s Father Net Worth: how much money does Matthew Carnahan make?

Matthew in the show with her partner Source: Liverampup

Well famous American producer, writer and director Matthew McNair Carnahan father of Emmet’s Carnahan Studied at New York University, as well as the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre. In his career he worked as Film director, film producer, screenwriter, television director, television producer and many more incredible works. If we look at his career we found that the total net worth of Matthew at the moment is about $24.7 million.

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Emmett Carnahan Career

Now Emmet is also working as Theatre artist, writer and musician based in Brooklyn, New York. He is a founding member of Bluebird Theater Company, developing plays with members spanning different countries.

Emmett Carnahan net worth
Emmett Carahan memorizing the script. Source: emmettcarnahan.com

He is well known for his father also with his fame in work such as ‘Everything I Ever Wanted to Tell My Daughter About Men’, ‘Miracle Season’, ‘House of Lies’, and ‘Thursday’s Child’.

He trained at the Atlantic Acting Conservatory with emphasis in scene study, voice, speech, and Suzuki movement training.

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Who Are Emmett Carnahan parents?

Emmett Carnahan has a step sister Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan, who is the daughter of the American actress Helen Hunt and the American producer Matthew Carnahan. Prior to being in a relationship with Matthew, Emmet’s stepmother aka Makena’s mother , Helen Hunt was married to her long-term boyfriend turned husband, Hank Azaria in 1994. Hank Azaria and Helen Hunt together are the parents of Makena Lei. After marrying Matthew Helen Hunt became familiar as the mother of Emmett. 

Emmett with parents at early age Source: Daily Mail

Emmett’s real mother is still unknown and his stepmother Helen Hunt is also an American Actress, director and screenwriter.


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