Who is El Bilal Touré? biography, height, career, contract -

Who is El Bilal Touré? biography, height, career, contract

El Bilal Touré, born on October 3, 2001, in Adjamé, Côte d’Ivoire, is a professional footballer who plays as a centre-forward for Atalanta BC. Standing 1.85 meters tall, he holds dual citizenship with Mali and Côte d’Ivoire and is adept with both feet. Touré joined Atalanta on July 29, 2023, on a contract that runs until June 30, 2027, with an option for an additional year. 

 El Bilal Touré
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Represented by his relatives as agents, he has a current market value of €20 million. Known for his versatility and skill in attack, Touré’s move to Atalanta is expected to further elevate his burgeoning career in European football.

How did El Bilal Touré make her career?

Touré started his football career in his native Mali, where he eventually moved to Europe after showcasing his talent and promise. His ability to score goals and his physical strength were what distinguished him throughout his early development.

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Touré signed a contract with Stade de Reims in the French Ligue 1 in January 2020. He scored against Angers SCO on his debut, making an instant impression. His Ligue 1 performances demonstrated his strength, quickness, and finishing ability, highlighting his potential. He made a name for himself as an explosive forward who could turn a game around while he was at Reims.

Touré moved to UD Almería in August 2022, playing football in La Liga, the premier league in Spain. This was a big step for him as a player since it allowed him to play against some of the top teams in the world and compete at a higher level. He kept making an impression in Almería with his goal-scoring prowess and general offensive playmaking skills.

Additionally, Touré has played for Mali at a number of levels, including the senior national team. His international accomplishments have strengthened his standing as a gifted forward and helped his nation compete on a regional and continental level.


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