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Dua Lipa journey to make $3.5 million as her net worth

Dua is an Albanian-original Kosovar-British actress. Lipa was born in 1995 in the UK. Her family were Albanians from Kosovo who left Pristina in the 1990s. She made her New Love debut in 2015. In many countries around the world, her second single Be the One made the charts. She released her debut album “Dua Lipa” in June 2017, many of this album’s hits make it to the charts. So, how Dua Lipa net worth is in millions?

Albanian singer Dua is one of the most popular pop singers in the music industry, so it’s not really a shock that she’s a millionaire at the age of 22. Since she was 15, when she left her family in Albania to pursue her dream in London, she has been free.

Dua Lipa net worth is around 3.5 million US dollar by 2020.

Even though she’s a celebrity today, she’s always talking openly about her humble beginnings, and the days she’s spent as a hostess in a fancy London restaurant: “You’ve got to be a very cold person to stand there and tell people they can’t get in when it’s perfect. I figured this wasn’t the kind of place I wanted to work when I had to turn away my friends because they were wearing trainers.