Domestic Abuse Victim Margarita Gracheva husband, compensation

Domestic Abuse Victim Margarita Gracheva husband, compensation

In Russia, Margarita Gracheva was a victim of gender violence. This is the story of Russian Margarita Gracheva, 28, who was a victim of her husband’s violence and was recently justified by the European Court of Human Rights, which ordered the Russian government to pay her $400,000 in compensation for the country’s low domestic violence laws. Dmitry Grachev, her ex-husband, took her to a forest on the outskirts of Moscow and cut her right hand. Who is Margarita Bracheva husband and where is he?

Who is Margarita Gracheva? What happened to her?

Margarita Gracheva
Domestic Abuse Victim Margarita Gracheva Source:

Margarita Gracheva is a member of Russia 1 TV station. On November 14, 1993, she was born. She is also one of three Russian ambassadors for the British cosmetics company The Body Shop’s project Self-Love. In terms of her personal life, she has two small sons with her ex-partner Dmitri. Margarita also deprived Dmitri of any parental rights to her children as a result of his cruelty.

Margarita’s ex-husband, Dmitry Grachev, brought her to a forest on the outskirts of Moscow in December 2017, after leaving the children off at daycare. He applied tourniquets to his arms and used an ax to cut both of her hands. Doctors were able to reattach her left hand and provide her with a bionic prosthesis for her right hand.

“He took me to a forest, to an isolated place. And he yelled at me: ‘Put your hands on the tree!’ “ “I cried, screamed and begged him not to hurt me.” “He told me not to look and started cutting off my hands.”

Why did Margarita Gracheva ex-husband Dmitri Grachev cut off her hands?

Margarita Gracheva ex-husband
The Domestic Abuse Victim with her ex-husband Dmitri Grachev Source: The Times,

Dmitri Grachev, her ex-husband from Serpukhov near Moscow, had accused her of cheating and compelled her to take a lie detector test. Dmitri Grachev, Gracheva’s then-husband, drove her to an isolated wooded area outside their home in St. Petersburg in December 2017 and repeatedly beat her with an axe, administering more than 40 blows to every part of her body in a jealous rage. Grachev severed both of her hands, permanently damaging her.

Because her pulverized bones and tissue dropped into the snow and froze, physicians were able to reattach one of her hands, the left, even though she has limited movement in it. The European Court of Human Rights ordered Russia to pay Gracheva 370,660 euros ($419,000) in medical costs, lost income, and non-pecuniary damages. Her ex-husband was sentenced a 14-year prison.

Domestic Abuse Victim Margarita Gracheva has the Sophisticated artificial hand

Margarita Gracheva during her hand treatment Source: CBC

She now has a sophisticated artificial hand at the end of her right arm that is connected to her muscles and enables her to grasp objects and do fine motor movements. A bionic right hand was given to Margarita Gracheva.

“My left hand was lost in the forest. They found her later. It was shattered with bones broken into eight parts. They transplanted skin and veins, “said Margarita.

Russia told to pay compensation to woman whose hands were cut off

Russia failed to combat domestic abuse, according to the European Court of Human Rights, which ordered the country to compensate four women who were severely assaulted. Margarita Gracheva, whose husband kidnapped her in 2017 and attacked her with an axe, is one of them. The court ordered Russia to make immediate changes to prevent future attacks.

The European Court of Human Rights ordered Russia to pay Gracheva 370,660 euros ($419,000) in medical costs, lost income, and non-pecuniary damages.

“The prosecutor found no causal link between the inspector’s actions and the assault on her. The supervising prosecutor did not restart the investigation, claiming that he had been unable to contact the inspector,” the ECHR said.

Margarita Gracheva has relocated in with her second husband Maxim Andryushchenko and children.

Margarita Gracheva second husband
Margarita Gracheva, with her 2nd husband and children Source: Chernayakobra

The victin Margarita Gracheva, 28, announced her pregnancy after her name became known to the world more than three years ago as a result of a horrific and evocative incident (Margarita’s husband chopped off her hands with an ax). She showed off a rounded belly in photos with her second husband, Maxim Andryushchenko, whom she married in the summer of 2019.

Margarita’s child will be her third, but her husband’s will be his first. Gracheva has two sons from her first marriage: Danila, who is six years old, and Dmitry, who is seven years old. Gracheva’s first husband was stripped of his parental rights after the incident.

Margarita Gracheva’s ex-husband is currently in prison, having been condemned to 14 years in prison. Margarita’s right hand gets replaced by a bionic prosthetic after a horrific event. Her left arm was able to be preserved.


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