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Dillian Whyte Net worth; wife, and 3 children

Dillian Whyte is talented and bona fide boxer and WBC interim World Champion. The Ring magazine and Transnational Boxing Rankings Board positioned him as the world’s fifth best active heavyweight whereas sixth by BoxRec. Let’s read about Dillian Whyte net worth and family life below.

Early Life of Dillian

Mr. Whyte was born in born 11 April 1988 Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica. In 12, his family migrated to the United Kingdom. His grand father, Patrick Whyte was Irishman who moved to Jamaica from Dublin Ireland. He was a troubled teen. While in Jamaica, his days passed without having foods, so ended stealing and scavenging Coca-Cola Bottles. His life in London was same, used to involve with the Gangs.

This professional boxer was shot and stabbed and ended up being dad at age 13. He Stated “I didn’t do too well at school, to be honest, but boxing saved me and changed my life. And it was going well, because I knew it was my best chance in life.”

American boxer Dillian Whyte net worth

The 33 years old Boxer Dillian Whyte net worth is estimated as $3 million, revealed by Facts Five. He would have raised his net worth, as he had offered $3m for having fought with Deontay Wilder, but later American boxer turned down and went for clash with Bermane Stiverne instead.

Dillian Whyte net worth

This talented boxer is 170,000 followers on Instagram where he uploads his routine, funny videos and memes.

Who is the wife of Boxer Dillian?

The former Kickboxing Champion has 3 children, two sons and 1 beautiful daughter.

His fatherhood started when he was just troubling 13 year old teen. He stated,

Dillian White twitter comment over his wife. Fro his twiiter, he was married to his wife before 2012.
Dillian White twitter comment over his wife.

” I was a dad at 13-years-old, so I have been looking after kids and I had to rush my mental state, growing up a lot faster.”

“When you become a dad it changes everything, where most kids were running around I’m working two jobs and doing other things to get money to feed my children. I’m trying to win these fights so my kids have a good life and make sure they don’t have to struggle the way I struggled.”

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Professional Records and stats

In total, Whyte has won 26 fight out of 27, losing one with Anthony Joshua in December 2015. Apart from boxing, Dillian is also Mixed Martial Artist and has won match by knockout against Mark Stroud in December 2008.

In 2012 he was banned for 2 years for taking the banned stimulant Methylhexaneamine (MHA). The test was held after winning the match over Hungary’s Sandor Balogh in 13 October and later it came positive. He returned to the career in 2014 and in 2015 he has beat down the match against superstar Anthony Joshua, he has been strongly claiming his position in his boxing career ever since.


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