Who's Demi Lovato's boyfriend Austin Wilson? What's his age? Net worth?

Who is Demi Lovato’s boyfriend Austin Wilson? What is his age? Net worth?

Demi Lovato found her love Partner

Demi Lovato, the singer and a famous celebrity posted a picture on her official Instagram kissing to her boyfriend in front of mirror, which looks so romantic. She looks pretty happy with her boyfriend Austin Wilson.

And the other side, Wilson had also share the picture on his official Instagram account with Demi Lovato on another romantic pose.

And now the same question rises, who is the boyfriend of Demi Lovato on that picture?

The 25 years old Austin Wilson is a social media model and a tattoo lover too and work with men’s skincare line Baxter of California.

Who is his father?


Austin’s father is a skateboarder George Wilson and one of the famous Z- Boys of Dogtown. There is no more information about his childhood but from his pictures on Instagram proved that the little Wilson grew up by following his dad’s skateboarding prints by came up as a tattoo designer and model.

So much ink on his body


From his picture, it is not quite hard to understand that he feels good to show off his shirtless body which is full of different kind of designs which makes him a “A Tattoo Lover”.


Couple loss one of best mutual friend on recent days…


Lovato and Austin have same grief on their skin that paid tribute to a friend named Thomas who died in October, 2019.

She captioned ” A T for Tommy. RIP you special angel. Love you forever @sirtruss

🖤💔 thank you for the ink @rafael_valdez.. it’s beautiful and I’m so grateful for this 🙏🏼🙌🏼 If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please do not hesitate to ask for help. Please call 877.921.9653 “

Its like their friend died due to over dose of something, which lovato had mentioned on her instagram.

Tours and Net worth of Austin Wilson


Well, it is not harder to find out the living style of Austin and his daily life tours and parties. from his instagram account, we can see his own car, his house, and several international tours around the world which shows his net worth which is not less than a top model. And also shoots for a brand “SIGNATURE INNOVATION GROUP”, or may be have more than this contract.


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