Christina Yuna Lee murdered, age, parents, stabbed, suspect

Christina Yuna Lee murdered, age, parents, stabbed, suspect

Christina Yuna Lee, 35, was found dead in her bathtub early Sunday in her lower Manhattan apartment. Assamad Nash, 25, was arrested on suspicion of murder and burglary. Christina was walking from a taxi into her flat when the fatal incident occurred early Sunday. Nash crept up behind her at that point. The moment was captured on surveillance footage. Come down to learn everything you need to know about Christina Yuna Lee murdered, including her age, parents, stabbed, suspect, and more:

Who is 35-year old Christina Yuna Lee? Parents, nationality, ethnicity, family

Christina Yuna Lee murdered
35-year old Christina Yuna Lee murdered on Sunday Source: Twitter

Christina Yuna Lee lived in the Chinatown neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. At Splice, the 35-year-old worked as an advertising creative producer. She holds Korean- American ethnicity and American nationality. According to her LinkedIn profile, she was a Rutgers University graduate who had worked for organizations such as Marriott and the shoe brand Toms. Eli Klein is the owner of a Manhattan art gallery. He stated he hired Lee soon after she graduated from Rutgers, and she gave Klein a painting before leaving the gallery four years later as an associate director. 

“There was nobody as glorious and amazing in all aspects of life as Christina,” Klein said. “Just a nice, sweet, cool, great human being. Everyone loved her.”

“Over the weekend, our beloved Christina Lee was senselessly murdered in her home,” Splice officials said in a statement posted on Twitter. “Our hearts are broken. Always dedicated to making beautiful and inclusive artwork, Christina is irreplaceable. As we start to process this tragedy, we ask that you remember Christina Lee as the magical person she was, always filled with joy. We wish peace upon her family in their grief.”

Christina Yuna Lee murdered: What happened to her?

Christina Yuna Lee, 35, was dropped off at her building on Chrystie Street in Chinatown early Sunday morning. According to her landlord, Brian Chin, surveillance video revealed that a man followed her into the building.

“She opened the door and he just slipped in right behind her,” Chin told WNBC. “She never even knew he was there.”

Officers from the New York City Police Department responded to a complaint regarding a conflict at the building at 4:23 a.m., according to NYPD spokesperson Sgt. Edward Riley in a statement. Lee’s screams were heard by two horrified young women across the hall, who dialed 911.

“Upon arrival, police encountered a barricaded individual and were unable to gain immediate access inside of the apartment,” Riley said.

Officers were able to enter the residence with the assistance of Emergency Service Unit officers and discovered Lee in the bathtub “with trauma about the body,” Riley said. Lee was declared dead at the spot.

Where was Christina Yuna Lee’s body found? She had been stabbed 40 times.

On Sunday, police officers responding to a 911 call about a disturbance in a Lower Manhattan building heard a lady screaming when they arrived on the sixth floor, but the door of the apartment where the sounds came from was locked. As officers fought with the door, they could still hear her cries for assistance, but “then she went quiet,” a prosecutor, Dafna Yoran, said in a Manhattan Criminal Court hearing on Monday night. Another voice, this one female, spoke out and said, “‘We don’t need the cops here – go away.'”

Christina Yuna Lee, 35, was found dead in her bathtub with more than 40 stab wounds when a specialized police unit arrived and broke down the door. Ms. Yoran claimed that the second voice was that of Assamad Nash, who had followed the victim into the building on Chrystie Street in Chinatown, forced his way into her home, and stabbed her.Her body was found with 40 stab wounds, naked from the waist up.

Assamad Nash, 25, was arrested on suspicion of murder and burglary

Assamad Nash, 25, was charged with murder and burglary in the death of Christina Yuna Lee, 35. On Monday, he remained silent at his first court appearance. Prosecutors say he committed the crime while on supervised release for three other offenses. His last known residence was a men’s homeless shelter in the Bowery. A judge ordered him jailed without bail, and prosecutors said if convicted, he could face up to 25 years to life in prison.

Ms. Lee’s murder raised worries in the city’s Asian community, which was already on edge following an uptick in attacks during the pandemic.

Her murder also followed a disturbing pattern that has emerged in New York City as part of the pandemic: an apparently unprovoked attack in which the person charged is a homeless guy. Residents in numerous Manhattan areas have raised rising concern about homeless persons, some of whom appear to be suffering from mental illness, harassing and threatening passers-by.

Assamad Nash history loaded with run-ins with law enforcement for both petty and violent crimes. 

Mr. Nash has a run of arrests in New York and New Jersey dating back to 2015 on allegations of assault, burglary, and narcotics possession. On Monday afternoon, when officers took him out of the Fifth Precinct station house on Elizabeth Street in Chinatown in handcuffs, he declared his innocence. “I didn’t kill anyone,” he stated emphatically. “I have no idea what’s going on.”

Prosecutors and judges are being questioned about how they handled his earlier criminal offenses in the aftermath of the crime.

He was charged with criminal mischief and unlawful flight in January, according to the police, for damaging MetroCard machines at various subway stations and attempting to flee from a police van following his detention. According to court records, the judge in charge of the case had the option of setting bail on the escape charge, but prosecutors did not request it, thus Mr. Nash was freed under supervision. If the prosecutors had applied for bail, it’s unclear if the request would have been granted.

What did NYC police and Mayor Eric Adams say about Christina Yuna Lee?

Police said there did not appear to be a connection between Nash and Lee prior to her death and the attack could have been random.

Mayor Eric Adams told his 1.5million Twitter followers “​​@NYPDNews is investigating this incident and we stand with our Asian community today. The suspect is in custody, but the conditions that created him remain. The mission of this administration is clear: We won’t let this violence go unchecked.”

Jacky Wong, 45, a founder of Concerned Citizens of East Broadway, which organized the vigil, said he believed Asian residents of New York are at greater risk.

 “The list is getting longer and longer,” Mr. Wong said. “We can’t see an end.” Mr. Wong said that at a vigil last month for Asians who had been killed or injured in recent attacks, he had carried an “empty flame” symbolizing that the next victim could be anyone. “Unfortunately, it was Christina this time,” he said

“She has done nothing wrong. Only mistake she made was to move to New York City… but our city allowed her life to be taken away by violence,” said Justin Yu, president of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association. “Crime has no consequence in this city.”


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