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Busy Philipps relationship on the table of divorce

On interview, Philipps announced that she decided to end her 12-year marriage to Marc Silverstein because he wasn’t helping take care of their two children, Birdie and Cricket. Philipps was fed up with doing all of the household and childcare duties herself. so she decided to divorce her husband. What about the Busy Philipps relationship now?

Busy Philipps relationship
busy philipps husband marc silverstein

Philipps is an American actress and voice actress, Elizabeth Jean “Busy” She is best known on Freaks and Geeks as Kim Kelly, and Dawson’s Creek as Audrey Liddell. For Disney, she voiced Korlianne in the Hyperforce Go Super Robot Monkey Squad! And Clamanda Hooks in the Chicken. In the ABC series Life As We Know It, she also played Alex Morrill, and Laurie Keller in the ABC series Cougar Town.

Earlier life of Busy Philipps

Elizabeth Jean Philipps was born to parents Barbara and Joe Philipps in Oak Park, Illinois, on 25 June 1979. Around the time she was six months old, she got the nickname Busy, because she was so full of energy. Philipps has one sibling, Leigh Ann an older sister.

Philipps was born in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her first professional acting role was to play a real-life Barbie doll for a convention with Mattel. She attended University of Loyola Marymount where her husband was actor-fellow Colin Hanks.

Relationship and kids of Philipps

busy philipps ex-husband Colin Hanks
busy philipps ex-husband Colin Hanks

Busy Philipps relationship began dating American actor Colin Hanks when they were studying at the University of Loyola Marymount. When she dated Colin she was 18 years old, and he was 19. They’ve been together for three years, before moving separately. They had stayed close over the years, however, and they even go together with their families for vacations.

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Philipps married screenwriter Marc Silverstein in 2007, after years of being popular American actress. He’s written films like Never Been Kissed, He’s Just Not That Into You in which Philipps starred and The Vow in 2012 (Philipps told ABC News that some of the wedding vows in that film came from her own Silverstein ceremony).

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For Silverstein, Philipps has two daughters: Birdie Leigh (born 13 August 2008) and Cricket Pearl (born 3 July 2013). The girls have appeared in her posts on social media, though Philipps has said she is not trying to shame them. As she noted in a 2017 interview, “I just really want to be respectful of the fact that they’re their own people, they have their own lives, and they didn’t choose to be my kids.”

Their relationship went on divorce table

The actress, 40, and her partner, a screenwriter, sat down to talk with Fair Play author Eve Rodsky for Harper’s Bazaar, where Philipps posed for an accompanying photo shoot with daughters Cricket Pearl, 6, and Birdie Leigh, 11.

Philipps and Silverstein, 48, open up in the interview about how their 12-year marriage has changed since they became parents, and how divorce was once on the table because Philipps was not satisfied with the parental duties division of labor.

Silverstein decided towards some adjustments, and as Philipps recalls, “He made the call: He would be the one to stay home with the kids.” He was immediately in charge of planning meals, Birdie’s bedtime routine and more.

“He now loves his mornings with the girls,” says the actress. “He’ll make my Bulletproof coffee and bring it into the bedroom while I’m still sleeping, and then leave to take the kids to school. He has conversations with them that I’m jealous of. The closeness he now has with these girls, it’s really special.”

“Sometimes I’ve wondered about Marc taking over Birdie’s bedtime. I’ve thought to myself, ‘Is this the right thing for her?’ ” Philipps adds. “But I’m not going to call him out on what I think is right or wrong because he’s doing it!”


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