Is Bruce Mouat gay? Who is his partner? relationship, net worth

Is Bruce Mouat gay? Who is his partner? relationship, net worth

Bruce Mouat is a Scottish curler. He is the reigning Scottish, European and World men’s champion skip. He is also an Olympic silver medallist, having skipped Great Britain to a second place finish in the men’s team event at the 2022 Winter Olympics. At the 2023 World Championship he completed his collection of World Curling Championship medals (silver and bronze previously). Bruce Mouat focuses on the 2026 Olympics. Apart from his professional life, his fans are curious to know about his love life. So today, in this article we talk about Bruce Mouat’s partner, love life, and relationship. 

Who is Bruce Mouat’s partner? Is he in a romantic relationship?

Bruce Mouat is in a romantic relationship with his boyfriend Craig Kyle. While Craig Kyle isn’t part of Bruce’s curling team, he is a source of support for Bruce both on and off the ice.  They met in 2020 and became official a year later. 

On June 1, 2023, he shared a photo along with the caption: Happy Pride! 💖🏳️‍🌈 We’re proud to celebrate diversity, inclusion and LOVE within the global curling community.

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In fact, there’s a heartwarming story about Craig surprising Bruce on the ice after winning the World Curling Championships in 2023! Mouat is openly gay. He lives in Stirling, Scotland with his boyfriend Craig Kyle.

Who is Bruce Mouat’s partner Craig Kyle?

Curler Bruce Mouat’s longtime boyfriend is Craig Kyle. However, not much freely available information exists concerning Craig. Craig is renowned for being one of Bruce’s biggest supporters in the curling world. He was even seen encouraging Bruce during the 2022 Olympics, which served as a sort of “coming out” moment for him.

Bruce Mouat with his partner Craig Kyle
Bruce Mouat with his partner Craig Kyle sources Instagram

Craig seems to maintain a lesser profile than Bruce, who is out and proudly gay. He has, nevertheless, appeared with Bruce in interviews; in one, they talked about how their relationship affected Bruce’s curling.

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It’s mentioned that Craig played rugby in the past, albeit possibly not professionally. All things considered, it appears like Craig leads a quiet life while supporting Bruce both emotionally and professionally.

How much is Bruce Mouat net worth? How does he make his money?

Bruce Mouat net worth is estimated to be around 1.75 Million. Curling athletes usually make a living in a variety of ways. Prize money is awarded for winning curling competitions, and major championships like the Grand Slams or the World Championships have substantial payments. Bruce’s salary would have increased as a result of his recent successes.

Bruce Mouat with his awards
Bruce Mouat with his awards sources Instagram

Athletes with Bruce’s accomplishments might draw sponsorships from clothing companies, curling equipment manufacturers, and other businesses.Curling stars may be asked to take part in promotional events, coaching clinics, or demonstrations in exchange for appearance money.


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