Who is Antonella Clerici's ex-husband? partner, age, relationship, divorce

Who is Antonella Clerici’s ex-husband? partner, age, relationship, divorce

Antonella Clerici, the esteemed Italian television host and journalist known for her charisma and captivating on-screen presence, has charmed audiences for years with her warmth and professionalism. While much is known about her illustrious career, details about her personal life, especially regarding her partner, have piqued curiosity among fans and followers. Let’s delve into the intriguing world of Antonella Clerici’s relationships and shed light on her journey through love and companionship.

Antonella Clerici: A Brief Biography

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Antonella Clerici is a well-known Italian television personality, born on December 6, 1963, in Legnano, Italy. As of now, she is 60 years old. The entertainment business has benefited greatly from her contributions.

Who is Antonella Clerici’s ex-husband? Why did they split up? divorce

Antonella Clerici was married to Sergio Cossa from 2000 to 2005. Their marriage lasted for five years before they separated.

Before her marriage with Sergio Cossa, Antonella was married to Pino Motta from 1989 to 1991. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce.

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Regarding her connection with her former spouse, Eddy Martens, their split was quite turbulent. But it appears like they have rekindled their positive friendship. They still have a polite relationship despite their prior disagreements, especially in light of Maëlle, their daughter. Even after a divorce, love can have surprising turns at times.

Who is Antonella Clerici’s partner Vittorio Garrone? relationship

Antonella Clerici, a popular Italian television icon, is currently partnered with Vittorio Garrone. Since 2016, the two have maintained a strong and intimate friendship. Their love story has lasted for several years, and they have a strong link.

Antonella Clerici with her partner Vittorio Garrone
Antonella Clerici with her partner Vittorio Garrone sources Instagram

Antonella moved to the province of Alessandria, to Arquata Scrivia, where they now share a lovely home in a picturesque neighborhood. Entrepreneur Vittorio Garrone is from Italy, and Antonella has found strength in his presence throughout trying periods in her career.

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The two of them have grown into a lovely extended family, with Antonella developing a close relationship with Vittorio’s three children from his first marriage. The 57-year-old TV presenter and the 55-year-old businessman are set to tie the knot by the end of this year, following seven hectic years of dating.

Professional Achievements

After Loretta Goggi, Raffaella Carrà, and Simona Ventura, Antonella Clerici is the fourth female presenter of the esteemed Sanremo Music Festival. Over the years, she won the hearts of Italians by hosting the iconic show “La prova del cuoco” on Rai 1. This led to her gaining tremendous popularity.


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