10 Ways to Make Money from Home During Lockdown

10 Ways to Make Money from Home During Lockdown

The coronavirus waves have made us accustomed to living a digital life; from ordering groceries online, attending school online to even working from home.

If you are quarantining or stuck in lockdown because of the Omicron restrictions in your state, you certainly have lots of time on your hands. So you can use it for supplementing your income. Fortunately, you don’t have to get out of your house and there’s no particular qualifying age to make money online. 

There are a few prerequisites for earning. First of all, you will need a laptop and then a fast and reliable internet connection. So explore internet plans based on what you can afford by calling the Cox customer service number or any other, and speaking to an agent for details.

How Much Can I Earn Online?

The answer to this is subjective. The amount you get paid depends on the type of work you do and your skill level. You can be paid hourly or on a project basis. If you are experienced, the earning potential is relatively higher. Plus, the more hours you spend online, the more money you are likely to make.

10 Ways to Making Money From Home

Ready to make money? Choose from these options to start your side-hustle and make money from the comfort of your home at your own hours.

1: Become a VA

You could work as a virtual assistant if you’re a good communicator, have great computer skills, and have exceptional organizational skills. VAs are performing a range of tasks these days from admin work, to social media management, project management, WordPress management, and more. Companies are preferring to hire VAs because of their flexible availability, skillset, and affordable rates.

2: Start Selling Craft Online

If you enjoy arts and crafts, you might be able to make some money from them. The craft you can create include jewelry, handcrafted cards, t-shirts, knit sweaters, crafts, or anything else you are good at and sell it on Etsy.

Not all crafts sell well or profitably, so before you get started, see what’s currently on the market, how much it sells for, and compare it to what you’d expect for the time, work, and money you’ll put into it. This opportunity is perfect for those who can make unique craft items.

3: Tutor Online

The number of parents looking for online tutors for their children has increased dramatically ever since schools and universities closed. You can apply to a variety of online tutoring websites that connect tutors with students if you have in-depth knowledge of a subject, excellent communication skills, and believe you have the ideal temperament to keep students engaged.

The tutoring job doesn’t have to be academic-related, you can also give online music lessons, while others include opportunities to teach music, crafts, painting, and anything else you’re good at.

4: Participate in Psychological Experiments

When you hear the term “psychological experiment,” you might think of the Stanford Prison Experiment, but today’s tests are different from those conducted in the 1970s.

you can get paid for everything from conducting online surveys to having your eye movements tracked while viewing artworks. Universities often recruit students, although non-students are welcome to apply as well. Many universities run experiments if they have a psychology faculty, so check with your local college or university to see if it’s a possibility.

5: Become a Travel Agent

COVID has slowed down travel but there are lots of people who still have to travel for work frequently. Some of them also travel for fun and they can’t be bothered with planning. Take their pain and frustration away by becoming their travel agent.

In other words, plan trips for them! No need to start an agency for that. Simply post your skills on social media or create a one-pager website and offer these services to those in need.

6: Rent Your Driveway

If you have an empty or unused driveway, this space is more valuable than you think! Rent it out on platforms such as Boxcar. People are always searching for a place to park their four-wheelers, trucks, boats, cars, and other automobiles.

7: Write Resumes for Others

Do your friends say that you are a great resume editor? Well, then make money from this skill. Help others start their career journeys b writing resumes. You can charge between $50 and $75 per resume, which is huge! To take this side hustle to another level, create several resume templates and sell them at a premium!

8: Start a Podcast

Do you have extensive knowledge of a subject and you can speak well too? Then why not start a podcast.

To get started, you will need a microphone, a laptop, and free recording software.  podcasts do not need to be broadcast every day (once a week is ideal). Plus, they are better and more effective when they are brief.

Wondering how to monetize it? A podcast can be used to earn money in a variety of ways. Commercial sponsorship is the most obvious way but you can also start a podcast to promote your own products or services.

9: Give Drop-shipping a Shot

Dropshipping is a process where the seller doesn’t keep a physical inventory instead, when a customer orders something, you buy that item from a third party and ship it directly to the customer’s mailing address. Amazon, eBay, and Shopify are platforms that can help you sell without maintaining an inventory. Just pick a less competitive product but still in demand and start selling.

10:  Type for Cash

This side gig is for you if you are a fast typist. All you have to do is listen to audio files and transcribe.

It’s a job that will pay you by the audio hour which is the length of the audio file. Lots of online firms including Rev.com have transcribing opportunities that you might be interested in checking out.  

These opportunities sound great, don’t they! Pick anything that works for you and start making money online! 


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